Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Truth About GFC Disappearing

When I heard google reader was disappearing I immediately thought that meant GFC was going along with it. A quick flit through my twitter timeline and it seems most people (like me) are a little confused about what exactly is happening.

So after some time searching and getting to grips with everything this is what I have found.

On the 22nd November 2011 google announced that it would be discontinuing GFC for all non blogger blogs. This was completed on 1st March 2011.. did this signal the begining of the end for GFC altogether?

Now the thing that has got bloggers hats is that they have now announced the discontinuation of Google Reader. Does this mean that GFC will disappear along with Google Reader? The simple answer to that is no. On the 1st July your GFC followers wont vanish.

However, it does seem only a matter of time before google do disontinue GFC for all other blogs. After all they haven't updated it in a few years and perhaps a tell tale sign is that there is no sign of GFC on Google's own blog, only Google+ Followers.

I wouldn't bet on GFC being around in a few years time so perhaps it is an idea to start encouraging others to follow you on different platforms like bloglovin', twitter, facebook so if that time comes you and your blog are prepared.


My clever little friend Ellie from
has shared something very exciting...  

For those of you know are already registered with Bloglovin' All you need to do is go to then click google reader and follow the instructions!

If you are not registered first sign up and then follow the process above.

Easy as pie! Now I am following all my GFC blogs once more! hooraaay.

Will you be upset if GFC does disappear altogether? 


  1. Google+ has basically been a flop as they expected it to rival facebook.

    As there is a big mass of dedicated bloggers Google may hopefully be looking to us to make their social platform a success, so in time I would imagine that they will transition everything over to Google+.

    From an SEO perspective Google + has been set up so that Google can personalise their search results further more. Results shown to you will be affected by social signals, such as what brands you like on facebook, who your friends are on Google+.

    Therefore, making it harder for brands to rank for specific terms through their link building and seo efforts as each search will be tailored to the individual rather than the search term, making monitoring rankings near impossible!

    If you think of Google I would instead think of Big Brother - looks like that is the way they are heading online.

    Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog

    1. Google has a lot of knowledge, it seems like they are trying to control its users more.

      My concern is putting in a lot of effort with transitioning to google+ and then they get rid of it if it doesn't work.

    2. That was a really good explanation, Charlotte. It made a lot of sense to me.

  2. I think if GFC was to go it would be a good thing as some bloggers think having hundreds of followers on there is a competition.

    1. It seems like nothing lasts forever so relying to one platform of followers is perhaps not the most sensible of ideas.

  3. I think this is kind of silly you can make a blog, add content to it but you can't follow and be followed? I think its slightly unnecessary, does this also mean that the dashboard will go as I didn't even know there was reader till today LOL! xx

    1. It does seem to not make sense. I am sure google has a reason which will transpire at some point! I will be sticking to shesaidbeauty, bloglovin' and twitter for now xxx

  4. Super helpful!! Thanks for the link :) x

    1. No probs lovie was a tad confused for a while x

  5. Someone commented on my latest post today saying that it was a good thing I finally got around to creating a Facebook page for my blog because gfc would be disappearing soon. I was not aware of this, at all!! I knew Google Reader had disappeared, but never thought that gfc would also be going. I mean, it's such a hallmark of the blogger blog! When it does disappear my blog will probably suffer quite a bit, since the bulk of my followers follow through gfc!! So frustrating. Making us start all over again. Not fair. I'm being a big, whiny baby about this and I don't care. :(


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