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Blogger Meet Ups! HELP! What to wear, What to Expect and Tips

After a recent #BBloggers chat it got me thinking. We all seem to be in the same boat regarding meet ups. We really want to attend but it makes us very nervous! All the new people, will I recognise anybody? Will I be standing on my own looking like a loner? What should I wear? In this post I will try to answer some of these questions for you. In the hope it may help, even a little with taking the plunge to attend a meet up.

The first thing is actually deciding you are going and booking your place. Some events do have rules about how many followers you need to have or this or that but don't worry too much if you are told that there are no places left. There are plenty of meet ups and surely it is better to be attending the right ones with newer bloggers than diving straight in to events which have restrictions and lots of pro bloggers who already know each other? I really think deciding to go is actually the hardet part so once you have done that you can be really pleased with yourself for plucking up that courage.

You have made the decision to go the next thing is.. oh golly I am going to have to turn up at this place on my own.  Keep in mind that most people are feeling exactly the same. It is totally normal to feel nervous. A quick search on twitter using the event hash tag (if there is one) will help you find others who are also attenting the meet up. Firstly look for girls you recognise who you may have chatted with briefly before. If you don't see any names you recall then send a tweet to a few of the bloggers you see mentioning the event. Say something as simple as "are you going to the #Londonmeetup in May?". Most bloggers will reply and you can start up a conversation about the event. Once you feel like you've got to know them a little ask who they are going with and see if you can join in. A lot of bloggers meet up prior to events so there will always be somebody you can go with.

Now... what to wear? This can be another source of worry, "everyone will be looking at what I am wearing". But actually, I don't think that this is necessarily true. I couldn't tell you one thing that somebody was wearing (Well apart from Sophia Meola's Chanel Bag). Aside from that I really can't remember. I think everyone is focusing on chatting and getting to know each other.  So I would say wear something that you feel confident in. You don't want to be worrying if your skirt is too short or your shirt will pop open. Most people go smart casual, I haven't heard of anybody going in a bodycon dress ready for a nightclub. Obviously it depends where the meet up is but here are some looks for inspiration...

No matter where it is you are meeting, most of all be you. Don't change your style just for a meet up, let your outfit reflect your style and personality.

As the meet up approaches it is totally normal to feel anxious. To save any further worry make sure that you have your travel planned. If it is in an area you don't know well, check transport and routes so that you feel confident about getting there on time. Nothing makes worry worse than running late. Maybe even arrive at the location a little early and have a look around near by shops to take your mind of any anxiety.

Once you arrive at the location there will probably be somebody there to great you. It will usually be whoever is holding the meet up. If not, have a look around and see if there are any stalls set up, if there are make your way to them. It is a great way to distract yourself and have a look at what they have displayed while you settle in. It is also a nice conversation starter, if there are other bloggers looking too. Ask what they think of the products and what their blog name is. The good thing is that you will always have something in common with bloggers... you all have a blog.

Ok so... what do I take with me? A lot of bloggers take business cards with them which is a great idea. I like, they are very good quality and their website is easy to use. This also saves you typing everything in to your phone or writing it down. Also take your camera or phone. If using your phone as a camera make sure to charge it fully as taking pictures eats the battery power like nobodys business.

Phew... that was it! your first blogger meet up, well done!! 

On the way home why not go through the business cards you have and add your new blogger buds on twitter. Get instagraming those pictures you took and tag the bloggers and brands!

Try to remeber that we all feel the nerves and anxiety before a meet up and it only seems to get worse as the date comes closer. But I promise that the more events you attend the easier it gets.

I have attended quite a few meetups and events now, at the first few I really had to pluck up the courage to get through those doors but once I was there and started chatting I totally forgot about the nerves. And that is coming from somebody who suffers with an anxiey disorder.

I would love to hear of your experiences going to meet ups for the first time and any events you are going to soon!

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  1. All helpful tips! Really enjoyed reading this. I hope I'll be able to utilize them when I attend my first meet up in the future!

  2. Great post lovely, really helpful :) x

  3. I've never attended a meet up but I love these tips. I would love to go to one at some point in the future as to meet people with such similar interests would be great. A lot of these things are things I would be worried about and will defo look back at this post if I do end up going to a meet up!

    - Rhi x

  4. great post and i really learn something. Thanks! :)

    Visit my blog: I am Jenniya

  5. thank you Huda. I am glad you enjoyed it. Let me know if you decide to attend a meet up, would love to hear all about it x

  6. thank you :-) so glad it was helpful xxx

  7. You are right Rhi, it is great to meet people with such dimilar interests! I would love to hear if you end up going to a meet up :-) x

  8. Thank you lovely. I am glad you found it helpful xxx

  9. Sophie - ciaosophie13 August 2013 at 12:25

    Meant to comment last night after reading it last night, oops! Great post :) it's really helpful to be able to have something like this to read! And thanks again for chatting last night, you've put my mind at ease on meet ups :) x

  10. No problem Sophie! Always happy to chat and glad you found this helpful! keep me posted on any meet ups you attend would love to hear how you got on x

  11. Sophie - ciaosophie13 August 2013 at 17:20

    Aw thanks! And yes will definitely do so :) x

  12. This post has helped me out lots! I'm off to the Essex Bloggers Meet at the end of this months and it's my first so very excited/nervous. I better go sort out some business cards! Thanks Ashly xx

  13. Thank You for this, it was so helpful. I'm just signed up with NE Bloggers, the one with liparazzi. Do you mind if on my first meet up, I have a chat with you?

  14. For sure! Thanks so much for your reply ^_^

  15. of course! no problem.. look forward to seeing you soon x

  16. Hopefully I'll attend a meet up soon and use your great tips :)
    Thanks for sharing!


  17. Amazing post! I'm thinking of attending my first meet up in a few weeks! :)



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