Sunday, 1 September 2013

Dove Summer Glow vs Palmers Natural Bronze

It's the world heavy weight bout between Dove Summer Glow Gradual Tanner for fair to medium skin and Palmers Natural Bronze body lotion, who will come out on top?  Let the fight begin... place your bets now!

The Smell off
Dove Gradual Tanner has a fairly nice sweet smell, not a fake tan hue but nothing spectacular either.
Palmer's Natural Bronze also smells sweet, lovely like Cocoa Butter. A real Delight
Palmer's Natural Bronze

Texture Time
Dove Gradual Tanner is really lovely and thick. You feel like you are giving your body a good moisture boost. The down side of this is that it takes quite a while to dry and remains slightly tacky.
Palmer's Natural Bronze is slightly less thick than the Dove. It dries a lot quicker leaving behind a smooth finish, no stickiness here!
Palmer's Natural Bronze

The Final Colour Challenge
Dove Gradual Tanner definitely gives your body a good tan after one application. However for me it is slightly on the orange side and partial to streaking if not blended well. Easily build able, after 2 applications there is a significant colour change.
Palmer's Natural Bronze gives your body a very good tan after the first application. No streaking and a more natural colour, less orange and more olive.
Palmer's Natural Bronze

The Price is Right
Dove Gradual Tannner £2.49
Palmer's Natural Bronze £5.35
Dove Gradual Tanner

I did like the Dove Gradual Tanner and would have bought it again had I not tried the Palmer's natural Bronze. I would say that The Palmer's is better all round, especially for fair skinned beauties. However, at £2.49 the Dove is a great bargain priced alternative that does the job.

Dove Summer Glow has been knocked to the floor! It's a victory for Palmer's Natural Bronze!!

Have you tried either of these?

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  1. I totally agree with you, Palmers definitely wins! I think it wins for me purely for the chocolatey smell :)

    would you like to enter my giveaway?


  2. Palmers definitely sounds better and sometimes it pays to spend a little extra money on a product :)

  3. Ashley Gardner❤2 September 2013 at 06:27

    I haven't tried either :( But based on your post I might need to get ahold of the Palmers!

  4. I agree with all of the above...In face these are my two only tanning products on my bathroom shelf. I much prefer Palmers though and am now on my second bottle! Its even better if u apply it with a mitt xx

  5. oh what a great idea, applying with a mitt! thank you for the tip x

  6. The palmers is definitely worth the extra x

  7. Lauren Maria Kerr2 September 2013 at 13:50

    i love dove been using it for years. where the hell did you find it for £2.49? its normally about £4 where i get it :(



  8. Absolutely love the idea of this post, as a face off. It really entertained me and kept me reading! Also like the way you have chosen well-matched products in that both Dove and Palmers are well established skin care brands. Thanks for making my night with this post, found you on She Said Beauty.

    Rebecca, from A Little Bit Of Glitter xx


  9. Its £2.49 in boots hun, follow the link under round 4 above :-)

  10. ahh thanks love. Great to hear that you enjoyed it, made my day!!! xxx

  11. I really enjoyed this post, love the idea of it! I totally agree as well Palmers beats Dove hands down for me! xx

  12. thank you lovely!! Palmer's it is!!


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