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HOW TO | Natural Glowing Makeup Look with Subtle Contouring

There is nothing I love more than a very natural makeup look.  Perfect for days when your skin is looking great, or with some good concealer even when it is not. It makes a change from false lashes and shimmery eyeshadow. I will show you how to do  a natural and glowy makeup look with subtle contouring.

First thing is first, the products used

Start with a good primer like Urban Decay Naked Skin, this is important as it smoothes everything out giving you a flawless complexion to work on. Next move on to applying the foundation, I use the Real Techniques expert face brush because I find it gives you a totally flawless finish, and apply the YSL Touche Éclat foundation sparingly, you really don't need much. Making sure to blend it in well and leave no harsh lines at the neck or hairline (this would negate the 'natural' look).

Now moving on to eyebrows, I love a good eyebrow and find that using powder and a slanted brush gives the most natural look. Using the shade medium blonde in the HD Brows bombshell eyebrow palette, apply with light strokes in the direction of the hairs. Note that when you get to the inner part of your brow, the hairs often change direction.

concealer, concealer, concealer, it can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. It is really important that you use concealer sparingly, this reduces caking and keeps your skin looking natural. Nobody is perfect and a little colour under the eye isn't always such a bad thing. Start by covering any blemishes using a concealer with NO light reflecting particles, Laura Mercier secret camouflage is a god send when it comes to covering up any redness or nasty breakouts. Next we want to conceal under the eyes. Because my skin is fair there is often quite a darkness under my eyes, mainly due to the contrast between the eye bag and my skin tone. So I use a corrector before concealing, Bobbi Brown in bisque is the perfect shade for me, but make sure you go to a counter and get yourself matched up as different skin tones require very different coloured correctors. Apply the corrector sparingly under your eyes, the Real Techniques pointed foundation brush is perfect for this. On top of this dab on 3 small dots of  concealer under your eye. 1 close to inside your eye, one in the middle and one farthest out towards the outside of your eye, I find Estée Lauder Double Wear is a great option for under eyes as stays put all day. Blend the dots in gently covering your under eye area.

Subtle illuminator is amazing at giving a lovely natural glow. I am using YSL Touche Éclat in No 1. There are a number of places to illuminate, see the diagram above for full details. But mainly at the top of your cheek bones, under the eyebrow and the inner corners of your eyes.

Time for some subtle bronzing. Use something with slight frosting to enhance that glow. Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks are perfect for this, I am using Bronze and a Sigma F84 brush. Place the brush on its side and apply product under the cheek bones. If you suck in your cheeks you will see the line where to apply. Start at the top of the cheek closest to the ear where you want the most product then swipe downwards.

Next, curl your lashes and apply a light coating of mascara. For a natural look, often I do not use any blusher at all, however today I want to add a slight flush to my cheeks. So, use a colour close to your natural lip shade, I am using Mac Blushcreme in LadyBlush. Dab it on very lightly on to the apples of your cheeks making sure it is well blended. You can use a stippling brush if you like, dab it on to the back of your hand first to get rid of any excess product. If using a powder blush brush it on very lightly, something with a slight frosting will work well.

Last but not least, lips. Use a fairly opaque lipstick which is also a similar colour to your natural lip shade, and blusher. I am actually using the Mac Blushcreme in LadyBlush and dabbing it on to my lips, finishing with a coat of lip balm.

The finished look...

I would love to hear what products you use for a natural makeup look or have used any of the products mentioned?

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  1. You make it looks (and sound) so easy xx

  2. It definitely takes practice and patience but hopefully the funny clown face illustration should help x

  3. Looks lovely and it's like you have no makeup on (if you know what I mean) I attempted the natural look and I looked Ill, are the hd brows palette good Ashley

  4. Great tutorial, the illustration is really helpful, thank you! x

  5. Thanks lovely. I do find the hd brows palette good but any matte eyeshadow that is the correct colour should work just as well :-)

  6. thank you! so glad you found it helpful xx


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