Wednesday, 21 August 2013

August Boots Beauty Haul!!

I was rather excited at the prospect of going to Boots for a good rummage after spending a long week working on my diy project. If you follow me on instagram (AshlyLondon) you may have seen the large dresser I am giving a makeover.

I think for once I managed to only buy things I needed and had been lusting after so I didn't go willy nilly and buy the whole shop. Well done me.

Vaseline Spray and Go body moisturiser aloe fresh (£4.99)
I have been trying to hunt down a spray on moisturiser for a while after seeing one in a video on youtube by an American blogger. So when I spotted the vaseline Spray & Go, I was sold. I have used it once so far and it smells really lovely.

got 2b 2 sexy big volume push up hairspray (£2.71)
I needed some new hairspray and spotted this on offer, it is usually £4.07. As I have been loving the salt spray by got2b, see it in my July Favourites here,  I though I'd see how their hairspray fairs. Plus the promise of big volume had me sold!

Dove Caring cream bath (£1.09) 
Is divine and I tend to stick to it for my bath bubbles as it smells lovely and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry. And you can't have a bath without bubbles can you?

Maybelline Color 24h tatoo's 35 and 55 (£3.99 each)
These look so creamy and gorgeous.  I swatched them in boots and could have bought at least 2 others, but I managed to resist. I am so excited to try them!! There was a 3 for 2 offer on Maybelline so I picked up another 'The falsies' mascara (£7.99) too because I love love love it.

Charles Worthington dry shampoo (£1.99)
This was recommended to me by another blogger and I am really excited to try it. I hope it doesn't turn my hair white like the last dry shampoo I tried though!

Have you tried any of these products before? What did you think?

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  1. Ashley Gardner❤21 August 2013 at 22:55

    Ahh I adore the color tattoos. So pretty!

  2. Love the Maybelline color tattoos. They actually last longer (before creasing) then MAC paint pots.... In my opinion.


  3. oh really? thats good! I've not tried the mac paint pots but love the colours of these xx

  4. :-) 2nd time using them today! takes a while to get used to them I think x

  5. You have such a beautiful blog Ashly! I love everything about it <3 I love the sound of that hair spray! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. The CW texturising spray is DA BOMB! I never stray from my Batiste, but I might give his dry shampoo a go! xx

  7. Wow thank you very much! you made my day :-) The hairspray smells lovely!!

  8. Someone did recommend that but I couldn't find it in boots :-( I find the batiste really makes my hair look white and dull :-( any tips?

  9. I love the colour tattoo's, have so many and on and on bronze is definitely the best colour, great haul! :) xx

  10. On and On Bronze looks like such an amazing base shade.


    Water Painted Dreams


  11. I love the vaseline spray! Being lazy isn't an excuse anymore for not putting on bodylotion :)

  12. oh thats good to know I got the right one!! :-)

  13. Definitely. I have to get some better colours to put on top x


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