Saturday, 2 March 2013

OUTFIT POST - Bright Juicy Colours To Make You Smile

I love how different colours can effect your mood. In spring/summer the sun isn't the only thing that can brighten your day.

So here is my 2nd outfit post :-) Featuring some more spring ready colours.

Juicy Couture orange bomber jacket £170
The jacket is super cute and really comfy. It also keeps you warm which is good as the temperature is still pretty low.

Juicy Couture racer back tank £60
I like oversized t-shirts. I think they look great with skinny jeans and most of all your don't have to worry what the state of your stomach is. This particular Juicy one is a racer back, so looks really cool with a bright bra or even a boob tube underneath.

Zara ripped Jeans £25
These jeans I am totally in love with unfortunately they rip really easily and now have a huge hole in the knee where I put my foot through while getting them on, so I'm trying to figure out what to do with them.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Neo Cabby
My trusty Louis. This is one of my main bags, as it goes with almost anything. It is really comfortable to wear with its shoulder strap and handles. Because of its subtle print and colour it doesn't scream 'Louis Vuitton' like a lot of others bags do.

Topshop iPhone Purse £15
This is a great little purse. Keeps you iPhone well protected from getting damaged by anything else laying around in your bag. It also has space for a few bank cards and some money. I think on reflection £15 is a lot to pay as it isn't real leather and other shops do them cheaper.

Matalan Ankle boots £19
I adore these ankle boots and have worn them to death. Nobody believed me when I told them they were from Matalan and I wish I had bought 2 pairs as they get damaged quite easily. They look great with a dress too.

What you think??


  1. That Juicy top is lovely!

    Nicole xx

  2. Love your style hun! I have one of those little phone purses, they're such great idea but have caused me more than a little panic on a night out when I've forgotten my phone is in there! x

    1. Ha ha oh no that wouldn't be good. The only annoying thing is you have to take your phone out to take pictures xx

  3. Love the orange jacket so pretty :) your whole outfit is stunning!! Deffo looking forward to seeing more outfit posts!!

    Love Emily xx

    1. Thanks Emily. Hopefully I can do more now I have a bit more confidence form these 2 :-)

  4. I love the jeans. They look even better all ragged :) Now I know where to pick myself up a pair of these. These kind of jeans are great for Summer x

    1. Thank you :-) Zara do great ones. I have a black pair the same that I got in the sale for about £11 x

  5. Hello I have nominated you for a Liebster Award, you can check out the rules and questions here

    Love Pavan xoxo

  6. I really like that tank. The ripped jeans are cool too.

    1. Thank you Lauren that is very nice of you to say x

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Alice. They are really comfy too!!


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