Friday, 8 March 2013


I thought I would do a post to show you something from my wardrobe! 

I have had a passion for jeans brands since I started modelling for Rock & Republic over 5 years ago.

I love knowing about all the different fits and styles. It is a science all on its own. There are so many brands and prints to keep up with and I enjoy finding out about them all.

A few of my favourite brands are J Brand, Current Elliott and Hudson.

The pair I am showcasing today is the Current Elliott Rider legging.

I actually ended up modelling the Rider Legging for Donna Ida, this was after I had bought a pair :-) Here I am below

I fell in love with these after trying them on. They are super long, must be a 36inch inside leg which is amazing because I have pretty long legs so as soon as I find a pair that are this long I am over joyed!

See my post of Jeans for Tall women here

I also love the colour. It is a lovely red and the dark stripe down the side gives a slimming illusion to your legs.  I like wearing them with my leopard print trainers :-)

Another bonus about these beauties is that they are super comfy and very stretchy!!

They have been spotted on Fashion Icon Olivia Palmero. It looks like she has had them taken up so they sit on her ankle which looks very chic.

What do you think. Would you wear these?


  1. Love j brand and Hudson jeans x your are a fab colour x

    1. Thanks girl! I think Hudson are good everyday jeans x

  2. I love that outfit, you look gorgeous! :)

  3. Jeans is really nice and looks perfect on you. The colour of the jeans is much attractive and eye catching one.

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