Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Stephanie Knight beauty haul - Creating an OPI Manicure collection fit for a Princess

This is a very important post and something a little bit different to what you would usually read here.

I read recently about the very brave terminally ill cancer patient Stephanie Knight.

You can read more on her story here and here

After reading about her story I was very touched. She is undoubtedly an inspiring strong young woman.  I thought there must be someway to help. I read that she has a bucket list which she is making her way through things like fake hen nights and meeting Gary Barlow...

 Looking through this list. I noticed something that resonates with me and I know it could be on a wish list of any beauty blogger...

I know as beauty bloggers we all have polishes waiting to be swatched or tested. So what I am suggesting is that we all get together as a beauty blogging community and send this beautiful girl an OPI and manicure haul worthy of a princess!!

What do you say?

Lets do it!

Grab your spare OPI nail varnishes that have been waiting to be used or perhaps next time you are at the beauty hall buy a spare one for this gorgeous brave girl.

Also if you have any nail glitter, files, other manicure goodies we can include to make her feel special lets do it!

This will only run for 3 weeks. Make sure your polishes reach me before the 31st March otherwise they won't be able to be included in the Haul!

Please tweet and forward this to as many #bbloggers as possible.

This is really important and I know as a community we can do something which could make a little bit of difference in Stephanie's life.

With every polish sent please include your blog address, email, name and twitter or Facebook if you have it and I will mention everyone we receive from.

Come on girls lets make this special girl smile :-)

Feel free to use the below banner on your blog, facebook etc. And follow the conversation on twitter with using #SKBH

How to be apart of #SKBH

How to be apart of #SKBH

Collect your OPI nail polish

email: for the postal address 

include your name, email, blog address, twitter/facebook

send polish before 31st March 2013

Lots of love


  1. Wow, I think what you're doing is lovely, I'll definitely take part! x

    1. That is great Rose! When you have your polish email me and I will send you the address to post to x

  2. I LOVE this idea, but I have no OPI polishes. :(. You're an angel for doing this, well done. x

    1. Hi Tilly, if you want to be involved we are accepting other manicure items like files and glitter etc. x

  3. This is such a brilliant idea, she really deserves any little bit of joy we can bring her :) I wish I had some OPI polishes to send, or even somewhere that sells OPI near me. I will have a look to see if there's anything else in my collection I can donate x

    1. That would be great if you could find something! As a community I think we can do something special if we pull together xx

  4. I would love to participate butI don't have any OPI nail polish, but I have some glitter ect. I could donate? x

    1. Hi Abbie yes that would be absolutely fine.. send me an email to Lovie and I will send you the postal address. Would love you to be involved xx

  5. Hi Ashly, this is such a wonderful thing you are doing!
    I have emailed you as I believe I have a couple of items to contribute.
    Have you considered setting up a just giving page, or similar, as Stephanie mentions having the "ultimate nail kit." maybe if you could get enough donations to afford the OPI mini nail tech case ( to really make it look professional and so she would have somewhere to store all her new OPI polishes? maybe then if people don't have polishes to send they could donate even £1.
    Please let me know if there is anything I can help with x

  6. What a great idea. I've emailed you.

    Jules x


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