Saturday, 16 March 2013

REVIEW - Bobbi Brown Valentine Red Nail Polish

First of all I have to thank my beautiful sister for getting this for me. She got me a Bobbi Brown lipgloss aswell which I will review at a later date. She knows I love Bobbi Brown so she is a superstar for picking these. When I say I love Bobbi Brown I mean I dream about it. It is so beautiful.

Now to be honest, normally I don't go for high end nail varnish as I find it doesn't ever last any longer than middle of the road or a good cheapie. And I tend to get disappointed and feel like I have wasted my money. However, what I did notice with this is that after 1 coat my nail is totally covered. Unlike other cheaper polishes when you need at least 2 coats so I was very pleasantly surprised. The colour is also magnificent. Nobody can deny a good red is a staple of a nail polish collection and this is definitely a good red.  Another great thing about this polish is that it is super shiny. In the pic above I don't have a top coat, it is just shiny shiny shiny. Of course the packaging is as beautiful and chic as always from Bobbi B and I am a sucker for her lovely packaging... yes I will store this in its lovely black box for some time perhaps forever.

Just look at that red it is so beautiful and shiny and perfect.  I am totally in love with the colour. I think it sits well against a pale white skin tone (which I have at the mo).  At least thats one good thing about having pale skin - bright red lippy and polish stand out nicely.  I will have to do a post on the plus sides of having paler skin.  Anyhooo so the only prob with this delightfully posh polish is that it chips. For some reason I hoped that it would be a super duper non chiper but unfortunately I was disappointed. I would say with a top coat it would last 2 days, as long as you don't do any gardening. Which I didn't but I think that would cause chippage for sure.

So that is it beauties. If you want a perfect red in a lovely glass bottle and fancy packaging but don't mind it only lasting a few days then this is a good one for you. It would look marvelous on your toes. But if you are after a bargain polish and don't mind having to apply a few coats to get the coverage probably try a different brand.

Lots of love


  1. This looks sooo nice. I saw some of your Instagram pics, and I haven't seen any blog posts on Bobbi Brown nail polish. I love Bobbi Brown too! Such a fab brand. I'm not going to be running to buy this though :[ as I don't buy high end nail polishes and it's pricey too! But I do love this colour, let's hope my sister buys this for me lol xoxo

    1. ha ha you never know maybe she will get it for you :-) It is a gorg colour but yes quite pricey x


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