Monday, 18 March 2013

Exercise is a Ball...

Yes that little old thing called exercise is slowly creeping back upon me. I haven't done any in a long time and it is suppose to make you happy so I thought I'd better get back in to it.

My history with exercise is a somewhat chequered past. When I was younger I loved athletics and was a competitive ice skater as well as attending every dance class I could get my hands on.  Soon after I left school at 17 I didn't do much at all.  After sometime with literally no exercise in my life I started going to the gym in London which I did a couple times a week for a year or so. The gym in London always seemed like a bit of a chore because I had to get on the tube to get there. While I really liked the Gym itself (Reebok @ Canary Wharf) it was super expensive. I only had weekend membership and that was still about £60 a month, add that to the train fair and I was paying near £100 a month for 8 visits to the gym per month. Not sensible. Then when I lived in LA I was in the best shape of my life I went to the gym at least 3 times a week and I loved it. I had my own little routine that I did squats, arms, running machine. There was somehing about the energy there everyone was very positive that made it really fun for me.  Jump forward to being back in London and no exercise again... booo! Last year I started ballet classes again and joined a yoga class both of which I loved and then I moved house and again no exercise.  Only my new house had a gym in the complex which I booked an induction for and the instructor never turned up (fail). So now a couple months later I NEED exercise again in my life.  Where I am at right now in my life it is just not possible to attend a gym so I have sourced a pink ball (courtesy of my sister) and that is all I will be using to hone my way back to a super toned bod oh and happiness (I hope).

So why not join me on my journey and see what happens :-)

With love and hope for happiness,


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