Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Stephanie Knight Charity Beauty Haul Update... Get involved!

I wanted to update you all on the progress of the beauty haul I am hosting for a lovely girl with terminal cancer. Please see the original post here for all the information.

So far I have received polishes from the following kind and generous ladies. Please be so kind as to visit their links and show them some support.

Kat Clark from
Twitter: @talesofpaleface

Julie Carter from
Twitter: @flabbyface
Hello Cotton:

Claire from
Twitter: @clarebelle_88

I am still looking for a lot more polishes. So if you have anything spare or you can pick something up it would be greatly appreciated.  I have now extended the date as I am hoping to receive a few more donations.

Originally I called out for only OPI polishes but I think that is rather resrictive so any brand is ok. Even if you have any nail glitter, beads, files. Anything suitable for a manicure.

Polishes received so far:
Modelsown Mystic Mauve
OPI My address is Hollywood
Technic Carnival

How to be apart of #SKBH

How to be apart of #SKBH

Collect your manicure goodies
email: for the postal address 

include your name, email, blog address, twitter/facebook

send polish before 10th April 2013

Lots of love


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