Monday, 4 March 2013

HOW TO - Get a Marbled Manicure The Easy Way Using Cling Film!

I have seen this manicure on a few people and wanted to give it a try myself. It was suppose to be really easy so I didn't see that much could go wrong.

Well the first time I tried it I didn't wait long enough for my 1st colour to dry as I was excited ha! So when I applied the 2nd coat and tried to marble it with the cellophane, the colours just smudged together in to a mess... booo!

So the first thing is to make sure you leave your bottom colour for at least a few hours to dry properly. The longer you wait the better!

How To

1. Choose your nail polish colours and make sure you have cling film.
2. Paint your nails with your first colour. Two coats and a top coat is best.
WAIT WAIT WAIT <--- The golden rule!
3. Take your second colour and do this nail by nail. Paint your 1st nail 
4. Straight away after painting use the cling film and either scrunch it up a bit and blot it on to the wet nail or use an uncrumbled peice and lay it on top and then pull it off. I found the second method worked best for me.
5. Use nail varnish to remove any excess + apply a clear top coat!

Et Voila!

What do you think gals? Have you tried this one?


  1. This looks nice I will have to give it a go great post xxx

  2. Very cool. I try the water marbling, this looks much easier.

    1. Hi Lauren, I am going to try the water one next. Is it easy?

  3. How cute! I love this look. I shall have to try it!

  4. This effect is amazing - love it!

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  5. This is genius!

    Need to try it!

    1. definitely worth a try!! easier than the water marble :-)


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