Sunday, 6 October 2013

REVIEW | Arbonne Intelligence Genius Nightly Resurfacing Wipes

For the past 3 years or so I have had an on and off relationship with clear skin.  It seems to be worse when I am stressed and the side of my face can get pretty red and blotchy (see above).  It seemed to have left me with some discolouration and marks which I really wasn't happy with. I tried the REN Aha resurfacing concentrate which I had a great success with and really like.

But after I read the claims that with these Arbonne Genius Nightly resurfacing wipes 100% of people in a clinical study showed improvement to their skin moisture/hydration and skin firmness/elasticity in 2 weeks.  To be honest I thought yeah right.  But I had never heard a brand claim that 100% of people saw results, well, needless to say I was intrigued enough to buy them.  

Arbonne Says
Isn't it time to outsmart your skin? Arbonne Intelligence brings next-generation innovation to the forefront with a multitasking, revolutionary formula. Genius is a brilliant delivery system designed to unveil your most radiant, healthy-looking skin. Nightly Resurfacing Pads are paired with a fresh-pour solution containing our dynamic proprietary PBR+ complex, with Phytinol™, botanicals and retinoid.

The resurfacing pads work with our proprietary science and botanical retinoid solution to reduce the look of dark spots and fine lines for skin that looks smooth, even-toned and beautiful. It addresses multiple skincare concerns and was developed for all skin types, ages 12–60+ . You will see vast improvement in the appearance of skin texture to reveal overall healthy-looking skin. Pure Genius.

So are these genius pads really that genius?

Arbonne intelligence Genius Wipes come in two parts, a tub with 60 pads and a glass bottle containing resurfacing solution. When you are ready to use it you pour the solution in to the tub and wait 1 minute before using one of the pads.  I quite liked the fact it came like this, it just seemed like a bit of a novelty to be honest and something different.  After pouring the solution my first impression was that it smelt quite strong, you definitely couldn't get your nose too close to the tub without coughing.  I wasn't sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing to be honest.  So I decided to start with one pad the first night and see how it went.

They do state that if you have hyper sensitive skin to have every second night off, my skin it very sensitive so I did think this would be an option for me and quite frankly expected my face to turn a crimson shade of red after using the product.

After wiping the pad on my face I felt a very faint tingling sensation for a few minutes. Nothing uncomfortable or horrible, then I followed the instructions and applied my nightly serum and moisturiser. No sign of any irritation.

The next morning my face felt a bit smoother. You could compare it to how it would feel after a good exfoliation. That night I repeated the process and again no redness.  The morning of day 2 I could see a difference in my skin, very faint but it was there. Less redness was the thing I was most pleased about.  I kept on with the process and now I am about to do my 7th night.

I am over the moon with the difference to the colour and tone of my face already.  There really is a difference as you can probably see above. Another great point is that I had a pesky red and inflamed spot appearing on my jawline, this is a spot that comes from a deformed pore so it 'pops' up to say hello every few months and can get quite angry. Well I made sure last night to wipe over it and this morning it was no longer red or sore and is practically gone. Result!

I was so impressed with this product and others, like the Primer and lipstick I have tried

What do you think lovelies? Will you be giving these wipes a go?

Ashly xx

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  1. It speaks to me that you are willing to become a consultant for them... that is wonderful Ashly :)

  2. Your skin looks amazing! Lovely post and congrats on becoming a consultant-sounds really rewarding :) xo

  3. hello... thank you I am so much happier with my skin at the moment :-) I have already met some lovely ladies through being a consultant so fingers crossed its up from here xx

  4. Hi Sharon, that is so interesting about your sleeping patterns and skin.. I am just working on a how to avoid breakouts post so this may be of assistance too :-) I will have to think about doing a giveaway for this product in the future because it is pricey but it really does work xxx

  5. This sounds like such a fab products - i must give it a go x

  6. Honestly, if you can get used to sleeping on your back it really does work wonders. Unfortunately as the weather has become colder and my kidney has repaired it has become too easy to curl up on my side!

    Sharon xx

    Beauty, Miscellany

  7. It really is great! let me know if you want to take up the discount offer x

  8. glad to hear your kidney has repaired! I know how you feel about curling up :-) xx thanks for the tip !!

  9. Wow this sounds like a miracle product! Your skin looked so much clearer in less than a week; I'm amazed. My boyfriend has had terrible skin since forever and no matter what products he uses, his blemishes never clear.

  10. Glad you liked them. I'm actually currently a consultant but have yet to use this product. xx

  11. I have tried so many things myself and this is definitely the best my skin has looked for a long time!! soooo worth a go xxx

  12. oh you must give it a try :-) Where are you located?

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