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Review | Halo Hair Extensions The Halo 20 inch in Chestnut*

Hi all!! The weather is crisp and the winter sun is begining to shine.. so what about this storm? Think we missed it up in Scotland.  Today I am reviewing Halo Hair extensions 'The Halo'.  A pretty hyped product, so lets see if this little beauty lives up to it.

"Every girl deserves a Halo"

Before ordering my Halo I wasn't sure which colour to go for, there are 25 to choose from, so I emailed over a picture to the folks at Halo.  They were so helpful and picked the perfect colour for me.  In the end I went for 20" Halo in Chestnut.  A couple of months down the line I dip dyed my own hair pink and wanted my Halo to match, so they got the pink treatment to.  (Let me know if you would like me to do a post on how to dye your Halo hair extensions).  I have been using my Halo now for about 5 months so feel like I have a pretty good idea of what this little baby is about.  

When my Halo first arrived I was so excited, I filmed my first ever youtube video unboxing it here.  My initial views were that is felt super soft, thick and great quality.  I also did a blog post with lots of pictures of the lovely packaging and extras it comes with here.

The Halo is by the Halo Hair extensions brand who do all sorts of extensions like clip ins, but the Halo is something a bit different.  It doesn't come with clips and instead is one strip of hair attached to a thin clear nylon wire, which looks like the shape of a 'Halo'.  The wire is fully adjustable to fit any head shape and size.  Some people might know this type of extension as a 'flip in'.

Having worn clip in extensions for nearly 10 years I was very unsure about this little wire... I mean how could it stay in my hair all day? Won't it fall out?  I have to admit I was pretty scared when I first wore it and pictured myself looking like a badger was stuck to my shoulder if it fell out.

There really was no need for me to worry, once in, the Halo is very secure.  It does feel different to clip in extensions and may take some time to get used to.  I for one was use to the slightly sore feeling of the clips digging in to my head so when I didn't feel that I thought something was wrong! Ha ha but the truth is the Halo is just a lot more comfortable.

The most important thing for me when choosing hair extensions is the quality of the hair.  The halo is 100% Indian Remy Human hair and is very high quality.  It feels thick, soft, silky and luxurious.  It states on the website the Halo should last for about 4 months, but I have had my halo for 5 months now and the hair looks exactly the same as the day I got it, no fall out or breakage at all.  I have only washed my Halo once and that was due to dying it.  It really doesn't need much upkeep at all.

Another great thing about the Halo is, because it sits lower on your head you don't need to worry about any unsightly clips showing giving away your gorgeous hair secret! This also makes it easier to use your Halo for up do's.

The only thing I would say is that because I have exceptionally full hair to my shoulder and with the Halo adding quite a few more inches sometimes I feel like I want to add a row of clip in extensions to blend it.  Next time I will probably go for the shorter 16" Halo to combat this.

Overall I think the Halo is great quality and a genius product.  It literally takes 2 minutes to put in and I really love it.  I have had so many compliments when wearing it.

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What are your favourite type of hair extensions?

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  1. I was just looking at some new clip ins and was think about Halo. They look so natural on you and would never guess they are extensions. I really want to try these now, they seem like a fab alternative!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. I love the dip dye look that you've got going on here!

    I am getting my extensions back in on Thursday, I can't wait :D

    Laura xx

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  3. These do look fantastic on you, they are such a good colour x

  4. Thank you doll!! They are so quick to put in aswell!

  5. thank you lovely. oooh you will have to share pics x

  6. Cecila Alejandrina5 January 2014 at 13:19

    Nice post... thanks you


  7. Would you plz provide your Extension picture individually, I am so curious to see that clear nylon wire.

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  9. Hi Ashly, I have no idea how people keep them in. I bought mine yesterday and it feels like they fall out any minute. There is no chance I can rock my head up and down. I had them custom fitted and colored and trimmed in a salon. It cost me 450$ and I cant wear them as it just feels so unsafe. I dont want them to fall out in public. How do I keep them more secure? Any tips?

  10. Hey! oh dear.. thats not great. I have to say I did feel the same way, like they would fall out any minute but if you put them in as instructed they are actually really secure. You will most likely get use to how they feel... Maybe wear them around your house until you get a little more confident with themx

  11. I like your Hair
    it can gives you completely unique look.


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