Sunday, 6 October 2013

MAC 217 Brush vs Dupe

One of the most important tools for creating beautiful eye makeup is a good blending brush.  For years I have used the trusty Mac 217 brush (£18) recommended by youtubers and beauty bloggers alike, but it isn't cheap. Especially if you want to have 2 or 3 on hand.  With this in mind I ventured in to the world of ebay makeup tools and wow what a world it is, from faux beauty blenders to all sorts of wonderful and not so wonderful devices.  Then I came across the Emily Makeup brush 217 (£2.48) for that price I thought, why not give it a go? The worst that could happen would be that I was out the price of a magazine.

I waited in anticipation for my new brush to arrive. It did take a couple of weeks as it was coming all the way from China.  When it finally arrived I ripped open the package and was pleasantly surprised first of all at how soft the bristles were.  I did realise straight away that it was overall a good bit bigger than my Mac 217 brush.  But, off I went to compare them over the next month or so.

I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed using my dupe 217 brush. It could be something to do with the massive bargain it was being £15.52 cheaper than the Mac version.  But I feel that the bristles are of a very similar quality, yes the dupe ones are more splayed and less precise than the bristles on the Mac brush but for blending out there really is not much difference to the result.

Another noticable difference is the size of the handle.  The mac one being a good bit slimmer and daintier than the dupe.  This is not a huge problem for me, but for some I think it would cause a bit of annoyance as you can't be as precise as you may like.

I have had my dupe 217 brush for 2 months now, it has had plenty of washes and I haven't noticed any shedding yet.  That being said this particular Mac brush I have pictured here is over 3 years old and it is still in impecable condition and shape.  Only time will tell if my little dupe is still in the same shape 3 years from today. 

So what do I prefer?  I actually really like them both and I am happy using them both.  Overall the Mac brush is better for more precise work but at the end of the day for £2.48 I am very happy with this dupe brush and I will definitely be buying a few more.

I would love to hear if you have any dupe brushes or would consider buying any?  Or do you think people shouldn't be buying dupes or copies?

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  1. petitmoi-bigworld6 October 2013 at 12:17

    I recently got the coastal scents one which is classed as a dupe, I'm thinking 207 but I might be wrong. It was £6ish from ebay but it's cheap as anything in the US - I've not used a 217, I just can't afford the price, I do love my coastal scents one, though. I was thinking about getting a second one but I may see if I can try this dupe you've suggested first xx

  2. I haven't tried the dupe but as a rule brushes are the one thing I will always splurge on, they make a world of difference to application and finish. No7 do a good little dupe though but again, I'd always go for the 217 xx

  3. I think I need to get one of these types of brushes... I usually use the one that comes with the eye makeup... hence why it never looks as good as it can :)

  4. petitmoi-bigworld6 October 2013 at 18:24

    Here's the seller I bought it from if you're interested. I didn't do a Massive search but after a quick search it was the cheapest I could find -

    I've ordered the Emily brush, can't wait to see what it's like.

    I've had a little bit of shedding from the coastal scents but it seems to have slowed/stopped now and it washed ok xxx

  5. oh brill thanks for the link!! let me know how you get on with the emily brush xx

  6. I think a couple of makeup brushes like a blender and another is a good idea :-) xx

  7. Always great to find a cheaper dupe of MAC brushes! Will have to check this one out! x

  8. disqus_DyFBm0HyHI7 October 2013 at 21:36

    I still want a mac 217 brush more than anything right now!
    Tania x

  9. the 217 is a great blending brush thats for sure!

  10. I recently took the plunge and bought the 217 and I have to say I'm loving it. Great to know there are some decent dupes out there!
    I've heard the sigma one is excellent too but a tad more expensive.

  11. the 217 really is a fab brush! If I could buy 20 of them I would :-)


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