Monday, 21 October 2013

Pure Spa Aberdeen Pre Christmas Blogger Event

Pure Spa Aberdeen invited some of us lucky bloggers down for a little treat to start the run up to Christmas. We were all to receieve a mystery spa treatment, I had no idea what mine would be and invisioned myself being hit with fern leaves to cleanse my body or a bout of colonic irrigation (they don't actually offer either of these treatments here btw).

In fairness, I wan't actually far wrong with the being hit with fern leaves scenario... The spa treatment I pulled out of the hat was a 'Thai Bundle'.  This involved a type of cleansing massage using hot bundles of herbs being pressed in to specific areas on your back promoting toxins being released from your body. I have to admit when the treatment started I did have a little giggle to myself but as it went on I actully found it very relaxing and didn't want it to end.  The very lovely therapist advised me to keep the oils on my back over night and true to her word this morning I was wishing I had the oils everywhere else too as the skin on my back is feeling super soft.

Perhaps not a treatment to have if you are looking for something to unwind but definitely suitable if you have had a long weekend of boozing or want to start off a healthy cleanse.

We also got treated to lots of lovely cupcakes and a beautiful manicure with Leighton Denny nail polish. Which I am totally in love with by the way.  I chose the 'diamond rose' polish which contains small particles of real diamonds... how could I turn that down?  I don't know how they did it but the manicure lasted 4 days with no chips, I was amazed.

It was a fabulous evening which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you for having us Pure Spa!!

Will you be treating yourself to any spa treatments in the run up to Xmas?

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