Saturday, 12 October 2013

Breakouts | 3 easy steps to stop them in their tracks!

It happens to the best of us, we are toddling along thinking our skin is looking great then the next thing we know there is a big red spot in the middle of our cheek! When this happens the first thing I do is start questioning myself, did I change my skincare routine? Have I used a different product? who? what.. why??

There really can be a lot of reasons for breaking out and some are sadly out of our control, like our hormones.  However, here is a list of things that I have found stop break outs in their tracks fast!!

1. Wash your make up brushes
This is so important to do consistently.  The amount of people I talk to who have never cleaned their brushes is shocking! A study done by Debenhams showed 72% of participants never wash their makeup brushes at all! If you want to be precise wash them with anti bacterial liquid and spray them with alcohol if you don't have sensitive skin, this will make sure they are super clean.
If you are using your brushes everyday you should be really cleaning them at least once a week and some say they should be cleaned after every use.

Think of all the dirt and old makeup that can build up in the bristles of your brushes and then you are putting that on your face. Yuk.

2. Throw out old makeup
Would you believe it if I told that some women keep makeup for up to 15 years past it's sell by date! eeep... would you do that with food? noway. Think about it... your skin is your biggest organ. things put on your skin get absorbed quicker than eating them! Surely you wouldn't eat a 15 year old pear... or would you?

3. Change your bedsheets
Pillow cases are a huge cause for spots if not changed regularly. Think of all the sweat, makeup and dirt that gets left on there after every night. A build up of sweat and oils on sheets can lead to bacteria growth which can easily cause breakouts.

I hope you found these tips helpful, to hear more check out my latest youtube video below. I would love to hear what your tips are for preventing breakouts or what you do when you get one.

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  1. These are great tips. Sometimes when I get breakouts I wonder why & then I realise I haven't washed my brushes that week - it's such a huge factor especially if you use them everyday and brush all the dirt all over your face ewww! I'm going home and washing mine now haha! x

  2. It always surprises me when someone keeps make up for years on end... I try to do a thorough clean up every six months... with mascara, every three months. Besides I like fresh new colors so that I don't keep wearing the same color over and over :)

  3. I never thought about changing bed sheet as a form of curing acne. I mean yes, changing your bed sheets for cleasiness reasons. Great tips!


  4. Great tips, thank you for sharing! I'm obsessive about washing my brushes haha :)

    Jess xo

  5. A big YES to throwing out old makeup!! My mum is awful with this, she will keep using products until they dry up, it's so frustrating.

  6. so is mine! yuk.. I could probably throw it all out and she wouldn't even notice!

  7. I am starting to be! But it is definitely something I do when I notice a spot!

  8. That is a good idea!

  9. These are really excellent points, especially the make up brushes one!

  10. thank you! It really makes a difference :-)


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