Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Bedroom wishlist | Home Decor

Hi lovelies, at the moment I am really trying to finish the redecoration of my bedroom. A cross between lack of funds and lack of funds is pretty much what is getting in my way. The problem is, I know what I want but having the funds to buy it is a different kettle of fish. Then you have to look for cheaper alternatives for things and it just takes a lot longer.

To keep me on track and so that you guys can help with ideas, here is a list of things that I really want/need to complete!!

3. Carpet

5. False Flowers & vase

8. Rug

9. Dressing table seat

10. Shoe display cabinet

11. Curtains

23. Ceiling Light

So what do you think of my colour scheme and ideas lovelies? I would love to hear what colours your bedrooms are too!!

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  1. I love the colors... they are lovely :-D

  2. These are all so beautiful! You have a talent for matching colours, I fail miserably at it... In my head I put together an entire room yet when I look at my own room with its mix and match of furniture that I wanted vs. furniture that was cheap to aquire I can't help but sigh! I feel a bedroom redecorate coming on...


  3. Oooooh those ruffly bed sheets are sooo nice! All these colours look gorgeous together! x

  4. I find pinterest really helps me a lot with putting ideas together :-) are you on there?

  5. You have beautiful taste chick!! I am drooling over those images! I wish someone would hurry up and discover a money tree :)

  6. disqus_DyFBm0HyHI5 October 2013 at 18:25

    This is exactly how I want my room but everything I love is just so expensive :(
    Tania x

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