Sunday, 17 March 2013

What has Poppi Been up to this Week?

After looking at my instagram 'AshlyLondon' I realised just how many pictures of my dog Poppi I put on there. She seems to always be doing something cute or funny. So I decided to try this new 'Poppi's Weekly Round up' post where basically every week I will be posting a diary of what she has been up to. I love taking pictures of her so it is a good excuse to take more!!

Over to you Poppi... 


 Mum painted her nails to match my collar as you can see above. I think you will agree it is a pretty good match.  I love this collar mum got it in Harrods for me.  Then I went for a lovely walk. You can see more pics of that here. It was snowing and I had a great time chasing snow balls.


On Wednesday I sat in the back of the car and kept mum's nephew company while he was in his car seat. I like laying down in the back next to him, he is one of my best friends.  I also did some cuddling, This is my favourite blanket, you will probably see a lot of pictures of it in my diary.


I have had a long week so I had a lovely sleep in my blanket. Here I look like I could play Mary in a school nativity play, don't you think?

Mum was helping looking after her nephew this weekend so I slept a lot on my tod. But I know I will get lots of cuddles to make up for it!

That's it folks see you next week


  1. I'm your 100th follower, well done on the milestone. Your blog is lovely! x


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