Monday, 26 August 2013

Notes from my dressing table

I am really inspired at the moment to get my dressing table looking beautiful and have been busy buying bits for it. Here is a look at my latest pieces.

Candle jar £6 TK Maxx
Brush holder £3.99 TK Maxx
Silever tray £3 TK Maxx

I love anything shiny, silver and antique chic. I find TK Maxx really great for home decor at amazing prices, I buy a lot of bits there.

The candle jar I will be cleaning out and using for trinkets after the candle is finished. The brush holder is perfect for the Real Techniques expert face and stippling brush as they have wide bottoms and don't fit in my regular brush jars.

What do you think of my recent purchases? 
Is there anywhere that you recommend for home decor?

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  1. Looks beautiful Ashly! I'm like you, love shiny shiny things! ;)

    I'd recommend sticking with TK Maxx for decor, maybe going to different stores to check stock or waiting a few weeks and going to your usual one.

    Alana Gets Healthy

  2. I love the antiqued style of these items, very nice Ashly :)

  3. Good tip Alana! thank you... xx

  4. They're all really pretty, nice finds :)


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