Friday, 24 May 2013

Event | Leighton Denny Masterclass at Pure Spa Aberdeen

I was really excited to be invited to Pure Spa in Aberdeen for a look around and a master class with Leighton Denny's right hand man, Nat.  I had walked past the Spa as it is situated in the Union Square shopping centre but I had never actually been in to it before.

We arrived at 8pm to some nibbles and fruit juice or champagne (I went for the fruit juice). Said a quick hello to some fellow bloggers. Then it was on to a nosey around the spa. Which looks deceptively small from the outside.

There are 5 beauty treatment rooms and 6 spa therapy rooms with a range of treatments like pedicures, facials, sculpting body wraps and even cellulite and colon therapy (which I would love to try, not!).  They also have a treatment involing an infra-red sauna. This is apparently the modern way to detox with the infra-red rays penetrating the lower levels of the skin to rid the body of toxins, burning up to 800 calories in a single sesson. Which is a mere £10 for 30 minutes... surely worth a try?!
Next it was on to the Leighton Denny Masterclass! Nat was super lovely and very approachable. He gave us a little talk to begin with to introduce us to the brand, if unlike me you had never really heard of them before, it was very helpful!

Nat showed us some amazing nail creations using Leighton Denny Polishes. I actually learned quite a lot and got some new ideas for layering polishes! He gave us some great tips on nail care too which I will pop in to another post.

I learned Leighton Denny are a great brand with an emphasis on nail care. They have some fab treatments to get your nails in tip top condition, which I will definitely be looking in to.

So that was it, another fab evening organised by North East Blogger Events.  Off we went with a lovely goody bag including some Ren samples, a Leighton Denny Polish and the new Elemis Cleansing Balm. 

It was great to see some of these lovely bloggers who were also at the event --->

Rachel Glennie from the Honest Type
Laura from Liparazzi Blog
Laura from a Scottish Lass
Rachel from Twenty Something Beauty
Kate from Keeping up with Katie
Louise from The Baking Fashionista

Have you tried any Leighton Denny products before?

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  1. It looks like they give you a nice pamper treatment, just what you need when you are going for a massage:)

  2. Feranmi Thomas14 July 2013 at 05:00

    I've been looking for a way to pamper me and a friend and I think the Infra-Red Sauna is a great idea. lovely pictures


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