Wednesday, 15 May 2013

REVIEW | Beauty UK Baked Blush in Popsicle Pink and Halo with Swatches

While in Superdrug picking up some lovely Maybelline lippy, I spotted the 3 for 2 offer so as usual was lured in to find another 2 items! I was gandering at the MUA counter when I spotted the Beauty UK items. I had never spent much time looking at their stuff before but thought it was reasonably priced so decided to give it a closer inspection.

Then I noticed these 2 beauties. I love the idea of 'baked' products like eyeshadow and blushes so always fall for them, especially when they have such lovely veining in them. I was after some new blusher so decided to give these 2 a go. Usually they are £3.99 each but I got one free on the offer so that leaves them at £2 each. Not bad.

First of all, I love the packaging. The box idea is really cute and the mirror inside is fab for touch ups on the go! It is really easy to keep the product safe from damage in this type of magnetic closing case too.

The shape of the actual product is also a draw for me because I love the fact it is a 3d domed semi circle, rather than the normal flat blusher. For some reason I feel like it will go on to my brush better, whether that is the case or not who knows.

I do like the actual product too. I did think that the Popsicle pink would be a little brighter pink than it comes out but as it happens it is just about right for my pale skin. For darker skin it may not be pigmented enough.  I use my Sigma F84 Angled Top Kabuki Brush to apply it to the apples of my cheeks. I did try using my Real Techniques expert face brush but it didn't work well.  If the colour isn't dark enough for you, it does build up but bare in mind the more you put on the more frosted it gets too. Using my Bobbi Brown face blender brush I can also dust it very lightly over my whole face for a subtle shimmer.

The Halo is quite a nice light shimmer, much like the colour of Mac Mineralize Skin finish in soft and gentle. Unfortunately I don't have my skin finish here with me to compare but I am pretty sure the Beauty UK blush in Halo will be a really good Dupe of it.

I would describe the halo as more of a frosting illuminator rather than a blush because it wouldn't have enough pigment in it for me to wear alone on my cheeks.  It works well mixed in with power on my face brush to give my face an all over glowy complexion. Or I wear it as a highlighter under your brows, top lip and on top of my normal blush for an extra bit of frosting.

I also noticed that the pink has more of a cooler silver frosting and the Halo has more of a warmer gold frosting. It does unfortunately end up giving your hands a bit of a shimmer if you have them near your face throughout the day.

Both of these are fairly good products for the price of £2 each, I wouldn't be so pleased if I had paid £3.99 each for them and I won't be rushing out to get any more from this line. But, I will definitely make use of these two. If you don't like shimmery products I would steer clear of these. But if you are after a subtle pink shimmer for your cheeks or an illuminating skin finish then these may be for you.

What do you think lovelies, have you tried either of these? 

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  1. Never seen these before and i'm pretty watchful when it comes to what's new on the beauty counters.
    They look like beautiful colours and i love that the packaging might catch any fallout, thus saving of wastage, but thumbs down to their lack of pigmentation and staying power.
    Great review. I like that you've given marks out of 10.

    Jules x

    1. I hadn't noticed them before either. But when I googled Beauty UK baked blush pictures came up in a different packaging?! I know shame about the staying power because they do look pretty!

  2. Cute colors! They look great together!
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  3. Like Popsicle xx

    1. It does look like a lovely colour doesn't it x

  4. Halo looks gorgeous - would definitely use as a highlight :) lovely post xxx

    1. thanks lovely. I think it is worth a try x

  5. I love the halo the best, I adore shimmer products... I would definitely use that one:)


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