Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Bedroom Decor | How to Display your Shoes

Hi all, I hope you are having a fantastic week!

Over the past week or so I have been pinning like crazy, gathering ideas for redesigning my bedroom. There are just so many colours and themes spinning around in my head that I find gathering them all in one place (pinterest) really helps me out.

Sooo I thought what better way to get some great advice on my thoughts for a new bedroom decor than to ask the readers of my blog! You guys and gals have great taste after all :-)

Because there are so many aspects of redesigning a bedroom I will probably do a few of these posts over the next wee while. Starting in one of the most important places... shoe storage!! 

I love shoes.. who doesn't? So I would really like to have somewhere that I can see some of my pretty pumps on display.

Searching for shoe cabinets and shelving here is what I have come up with..

Pretty Rustic Cabinet
These rustic looking shelves are really gorgeous and have a lot of character. They are a lovely colour and there is room on the top for a vase with flowers or some ornaments.

Open Crates as Shelves
I like the idea of these open crates. Storing a mixture of books, ornaments, candles as well as shoes. Such beautiful neutral colours too

Simple Shelves
These shelves are very simple and would be easy to get hold of from somewhere like Ikea or Argos. Perhaps I could jazz them up by putting some lovely wallpaper down the back of them. I really like the boxes with the shoes on the front too. Perfect for storing sandals, flip flops or pumps.

Built in Shelves

This looks fab and if I already had built in shelves I would definitely use them for shoes.

Pretty Louboutin Red Cabinet

This glass cabinet is fab. The red is perfect for storing your Louboutins, if you are lucky enough to have that many :-) I like the glass front so that you can see every pair clearly but keeping them away from dust

Antique Cabinet
This cabinet is totally timeless. I really love it for storing shoes but I think it is a little bit too classic for the theme I am going for.

Tall Open Square Shelves
The square shelves are a great idea. Perfect for each pair of shoes. You could do this over a whole wall and make a feature of it.

So beauties I would love to know what you think of my ideas for shoe storage and shoe displays...


  1. these look amazing i hope one day my house looks like this <3 for now i shall cope with the pile of shoes on my floor....


  2. I love the idea of the plain shelves but personalising them with some wallpaper :)
    Anna x

    1. I think that sounds like a good idea!!! xx

  3. Love the white rustic cabinet, sadly mine are in a box xx

  4. Love the built in shelves and the last picture! :)

  5. I'm always thinking of better ways to store my shoes, I'm thinking of getting boxed shelves for the bottom of my small built in wardrobe as that would be best x

    1. I think boxed shelves are a great idea means the shoes don't get squashed too!!

  6. I love pintrest for Decor ideas!
    And shoes are SO hard to display/store well.
    I like the top style so cute :)

  7. I love the first white one and the red one... because both have the glass doors to keep the dust off, yet you can still see all the different shoes... I love shoes too, what girl doesn't? :)

    1. ha ha exactly! The white one is definitely my fave xx

  8. I am in love with this post! Have just seen your tweet and followed you! Return the favor?



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