Friday, 3 May 2013

Unboxing | My Halo Hair Extensions The Halo 20 inches in Chestnut

Welll it was an exciting day in my house. My Halo Hair Extensions arrived.. whoopeee! So I just want to take a moment and tell you that I actually wrote to Halo and they very kindly sent me these hair extensions to review. I was going to buy them myself after seeing them on EmTalks amongst other blogs.  

I have tried so many different hair extensions and usually end up making clip in ones myself to get the colour and thickness I am after. However, my clip ins were looking a bit sad and I was probably due to buy/make another set (which can be quite time consuming and boring). So when I saw how easy the Halo was to pop in I really wanted to try it. I haven't worn it yet so I will be doing a thorough review after I have had a good time period of use.

I e-mailed Halo over a few photos of my hair in different lights and we finally settled on the colour Chestnut. I actually thought I would have to dye it as I have never found the right colour from another brand before but I was very pleased to say it matched incredibly well.

So after agreeing the colour and style of Halo Hair Extensions: The Halo 20" in Chestnut they came the very next day by special delivery!!!

They arrived in a lovely brown box with no question of what was inside!! I was so excited that I decided to make my FIRST EVER YOUTUBE VIDEO unboxing them!! Eeep scary but fun. 

So if you want to see what the extensions actually look like and watch my reaction to opening the box watch my video and subscribe below... good times!

I would love to know if you have used the Halo?


  1. I have never used the halo product but it looks like a nice way to have the extra hair, very pretty;)

  2. Thanks for the video and do you have a video for hair rebounding process?

    hair extensions

  3. thanks for the helps a lot

    hair extensions

  4. From the hair
    stylist inside me's point of view, it wouldn't hurt to own some if you've
    always wanted to, even if you don't wear them all the time, hair exts. come in handy every now and then. And
    they look so good!


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