Thursday, 16 May 2013

Ooooggrrhh Jiminy Cricket What a Fail!!

Yesterday I wrote up this pretty ace post (or so I thought) planning to publish it this morning.  Then last night I decided "I'll just take one more look at it before I press the publish button".  But my little fingers couldn't help themselves type type type and before I knew it whatttt theee hell! It was all over the shop.

I was like... what am I actually trying to say here? Not good people, not good at all!

If you picture a Lovely gooey Chocolate cake with a big dollop of super spicy yellow mustard on it, that is basically what it looked like.

So what choice was I left with for my Thursday morning post? 
A) No Post 
B) A random post I had written about crazy people on ebay 
C) Cry myself to sleep.

I decided to cry myself to sleep. But then, an epiphany! I will post about my failure at posting, throw in the true identity of superman, a picture of a poor dog who needs a hand and some cute animal pics then maybe nobody will notice what a failure this post is... success!!!

Sorry people, Here is to a better post tomorrow.

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  1. You daffy. No need to worry or get worked up to the point it's effects your sleep or that you cry yourself to sleep.
    It's your blog and if you babble i find that appealing as you come across 'normal'. I read/follow your blog because you're a real person and i don't want to read blog posts that are edited and edited to the degree that they've lost all personality totally. Much like a glossy magazine.
    Keep doing what you're doing, it's good.

    Jules x

    1. Thanks Jules that is really lovely of you to say and cheered me up :-) xxx

  2. I can't say I've not done that before! Cute animals always a saviour, I could get my dog getting stuck on bannisters like that he's a maniac!


    1. ha ha the dog on the banister made me laugh so much!

  3. Caaaarazeeee lady!! I love it, so funny, especially the weird dog doing some mild moves on the bannister xxx

    1. Ha ha thanks! Was going to delete this post till I saw the comments x

  4. haha. this made me laugh. :) so funny photos.

    New post is up!
    XX, IamJenniya

  5. I have had posts like that, I start out with one thing... the next thing I read it back and have to make two posts of it... sometimes I just get frustrated and go to bed. We all have those days :)


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