Sunday, 7 April 2013

OUTFIT POST Totally in Love with Fringing

OK lovelies, this is my very first 'proper' outfit of the day. I know I have done a few before but the pictures I used weren't actually intended to be for a blog post. But this one I was brave enough to have pictures taken of myself especially. For the past little while I haven't really wanted to take pics of myself. So I hope you all like it.

The Jacket
TK Maxx £30
This is a lovery faux leather, or pleather, jacket that I got quite recently. I love the fringing on it which you can't see too much of in the pictures but it is really great. I think the staple of a wardrobe should be a black leather jacket, it really goes with anything.

The Jumper
£200 American Retro
I got this jumper just before Xmas as it is so cosy. The fringing drew me to it as I think it is a bit different. I am not sure if you can see but there is a navaho type pattern woven in to the front. The fringing also goes down the side of the jumper from under the arm, it is so preeetty!
The Jeans
£210 Current Elliott
These beauts I have blogged about before here. I love them like lollipops. They are super comfy and stretchy and are also really long. I think the colour will be wearable right through spring and summer with a white tee.. Yip!

The Shoes
£20 Primark
I love a good trainer wedge. I have a few pairs from the wonderland that is Primark. These beauts are faux suede but I think they look pretty snazzy. The best thing about them is they are super duper comfy, hooraay for Primani!

The Bag
£850 Louis Vuitton
Ahhh my faithful Denim Louie Neo. No doubt you will see a lot of this bag as I wear it all the time. I already featured it here in a previous outfit post. I love it because you can literally wear it anywhere with anything. I have had it for quite a few years now and it still looks like new.

Well that is it gorgeous people of the interweb. 

What did you think of my OUTFIT POST?

Lots of love and snuggles.


  1. wow i am in LOVE with everything you're wearing haha xoxo

  2. I really like the jacket, it's super different(:


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  4. I love fringing! I got a bag from Zara with fringing and I just adore it. I love your fringe jumper too - perfect :)


    1. Thanks Sarah... I know I think it makes everything look more lovely :-) x

  5. what a gorgeous blog you have! I love that TK Maxx jacket, fringing does make outfits stand out more :) xx

    1. Thank you :-) I agree fringing is a lot of fun xxx


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