Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Picture Posting Fun... My week in photos!

The last picture post I did seemed to go down quite well so I thought I would do another one for you.  This one is more of a what have I been up to this week rather than random pictures of myself.

Starting with the top left x 

Pic 1
I am totally obsessed with glitter nail polish most of the time. I love sparkly things. This particular one I got as a present from my sister, a few people have asked and it is ModelsOwn Pink Fizz. At the moment I am trying to fit it in to every manicure I do on myself. It is just so pretty and sparkly. The darker shade is OPI Every month is Oktoberfest which I got from Harrods a little while ago.

Pic 2
I decided I wanted to take a close up picture of these cute little jumping lambs in the field but everytime I got close to them they ran away so I ended up with this picture which I think is ok. I thought "this is something you don't see in London". Well, unless you go to the farm which I do quite often.

Pic 3
I wanted to watch a film on Easter Sunday and picked this one "the time travellers wife" which I have actually seen before but I forgot how sad it was. I was like a tap I couldn't turn myself off. Seriously... do not watch this film unless you want a snot fest. It should come with a warning thats for sure.

Pic 4
This is my little chi chi if you can spot her poking out between the banisters. She likes to sit here at the top of the stairs and watch people coming and going in and out of the house. She looks so cute. I was going out and she was sitting staring at me, I felt so bad, even though I only went out for a few hours. EEp what a sap I am.

Pic 5
Now these are my nephews apple flavoured organic rice cakes which I tried the other day and I actually am in love with. They taste so yummy and they are pretty healthy. I do feel bad stealing food from a baby but well a girls gotta eat!

Pic 6
This is of course a pic of my OPI giveaway which ends in a few days so enter now or you will miss out!! (shameless plug) but seriously I am very proud of the picture and of my 1st giveaway I thought the day would never come. But it did and here it is hooray!

Pic 7
I was in the car when I realised the landscape looked like a winter wonderland. It was so pretty I nearly cried, well not really but it was very pretty. I half expected sugar plum fairies to start falling from the sky.

Pic 8
Ahhh my knee socks. I love socks like this they keep your legs warm under your trousers... a pratical girl I am. These particular ones are Christian Dior ooooh I know very posh! I got them at an outlet centre either in Oxford or one in New York I really can't remember but they are nice and bright like the sun which I hope will come out again soon!

Pic 9
Now this my pretties is Audrey Hepburn. I love her. she is so beautiful and classy and beautiful and classy, wait did I say that already? Anyway she had a tough childhood during the war and overcame it to become a movie star, what a fairytale eh. I recently watched a film about her life and I am a bit more obsessed with her than I was before.

Well that is it my gorgeous peanuts! I hope you enjoyed reading a little of what I have been up to.

Lots of Love


  1. Ashly, I LOVE glitter, I have it in nail polish, eye makeup... even a body spray...

    I don't wear them all together but I do love a little glitter :)

    1. I think it is a girly thing :-) I use to wear it all together when I was younger! Eeep I must've looked like a Xmas Fairy!


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