Saturday, 13 April 2013

A bit of Baking | Roasted Blueberry Cupcake Fun!

First of all I want to tell you that I am shocking at cooking and baking. More so at cooking because for some reason it makes me pretty anxious and I get stressed. Usually it ends up with me messing up the ingredients or forgetting to add something like flour which has actually happened before. And the whole thing becomes a mess which enforces the idea that yes I am shocking at cooking.

Anyhoo I am really trying to learn how do bake and cook as I feel a little stupid for not being able to. I think the problem is that I have no confidence with it. With this in mind I set out to find a simple but yummy cupcake recipe (who doesn't love a cupcake?) and I happened upon this one by Sweet Peony and thought what the hell, I will give it a go.

And give it  a go I did. I tried my very best.

First thing I had to do was the part of the recipe which made it special which is roasting the blueberries in the oven until the all burst and were melting. This allows them to blend in lovely to the mixture instead of having huge whole blueberries in your cupcakes which I don't really enjoy!

After I had done this. I managed to follow the rest of the recipe to the tee and was very pleased with myself as I spooned the mixture in to the trays ready for cooking. It was all purple and yummy looking. It also tasted pretty nice.

So off they went in to the oven. And I started making the icing. I knew I wasn;t going to completely cover them in the sweet stuff so I sort of concocted my own recipe (this is the part that usually gets me in trouble). How wrong can I go with icing? Well it turns out not that wrong, this time. I used half a cup of unsalted butter, added a spot of vanilla esence then mixed in icing sugar and some philadelphia until I had the right consistency. For me I think the key to the best icing is cream cheese (look at me sounding all like Nigella Lawson).

The hardest bit for me was getting the icing on the cakes. I had visions of wonderfully piped icing looking all professinal and perfect. Well it didn't quite turn out that way. They look kind of like nipples... 

But they taste absolutely divine. I am not sure if you can tell in the pics but the sponge is all purply and lovely.

So here they are. You can see above, I tried out a few different frosting options... which didn't go too well! But it takes practice and I am pretty happy with my little roasted blueberry cupcakes.

What do you think? 


  1. They are great Ashly, you have to start somewhere...

    You should have seen the first chocolate chip cookies I made, they could have been used for hockey pucks... I now make the best cookies ever... Yum!

    Not to mention my first loaf of bread that I really thought about using as a door stop... I did become quite proficient with time and could make extremely good bread.

    All with practice and time :)

    1. Thanks lovie. This gives me more confidence. So practice practice practice :-) xx

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  3. These look so lush! I'm hungry now :(

    I really like your blog. Now following you on GFC. Would mean a lot if you could have a peek at my blog ;) who knows, even follow if you like it? =D

    Looking forward to your next post xx

  4. Thank you for posting your blog on Twitter, i'm really glad you've done so, it's such a gorgeous blog!! :D

    These blueberry cakes look to die for. Definitely going to give them a go. :)

    Now following, Lauren x

    1. Ahh thank you so much!! These are deffo worth a try! yummy indeed. Will check out your blog also x


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