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And on to part 2 of Topshop Spring Favourites... Enjoy!!

Crop tops are really in this season, with everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Selena Gomez seen wearing them. I could actually do a whole post on just crop tops as I have seen so many cute ones, but I wont (not right now anyway). 

So with that in mind I found this really cute pastel pink one in Topshop, it's lovely and soft.  Would look great with a long maxi skirt or a high waisted number, a la Selena Gomez. For £16 pretty pretty good I say.

Moto Denim Zip Bralet - Cute pink colour, lovely and soft

This I love. First of all horses are amazing but unicorns now that is something. The heart is nice and then the cool biker colour and crop fit is stunning.  The price not bad either at £16.

Ok these, I just adore.  My favourite colour of the moment.. pastel mint! The sequins and detail is amaze bbaall (no I can't say that phrase) and well definitely one of my favourites so they get a butterfly.

Match with a nude shift top, tucked in and nude shoes.

This dress is an absolute cutie pie. I love the colour is cream, and not white and the sweet heart neckline and heart cut out at the back... cute cute cute!!  It is tight at the waist and covers the hips with a nice puff skirt. Great if you aren't so keen on showing your bum/hips but have a great waist! And good legs. Would look good on Caroline Flack, she wears these styles a lot. (see 4 pics below)

Caroline Flack

Right so hand up if you haven't worn a peplum dress this season?  They are everywhere. And there is a reason... they look fantastic! This one I particularly love because of the soft peach colour. Great for a summer wedding paired with nude shoes.

Ok this is another of my favourites at the moment. Again it is that gorgeous pastel mint colour.  This colour looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g with a tan!!!  I love the fit, again pinched in waist with a flowey skirt.  The back is lush, with lace and just big enough peep hole to show some lovely back flesh.  You could team this with a belt or wear it as it is.  For £36... an absolute bargain... I love love love it!

This lovely little number is similar to the fit of the dress above. I like it because it is a bit brighter, still with the lace... and the double layers of colour really make it pop!!

Perfect for a night out with tanned legs

 This is yet another one of my favourites. I absolutely adore this little top. Who would have thought, so much joy from one little top and all for £18.  First of all The colours, well pastel pink... need I say anymore. And the peace sign... Love it! MUST BUY

Must buy

These little cuties are wonderful.  Denim shorts always look great well whenever the sun is out!  The cream webbing gives more of a boho look to these shorts. I like the way it wraps around to the back also.  These are high waisted and show the crease at the bottom of your bottom, if you know what I mean!  Anyway, they would look great on holiday, at the pool, to the beach. I wouldn't wear them walking around Oxford Street unless you want eyes constantly staring at your behind!!

I have been lusting after this jumper for quite a few weeks now.  Everything from the colour, the comfy style and the studded shoulders makes this little number a must have.  Would look great with the denim shorts above.

This top is super cute. The printed necklaces add a rock chick element to the soft pastel colours.  Shows a bit of midriff.. great with skinny jeans or also with the shorts above.

 Here is another great addition to a spring wardrobe. The colour is great to go with skinny jeans and I love the print on the front. Slightly cropped look. £14? yes please.

I have to say this top looked better on the hanger than it did on me.  I love the colour and the style though.

Here are a few things from the Topshop Concessions department. I didn't add too many because they can be harder to get hold of if you don't live near a store that carries concessions.  There were so many lush things I could have added... another time!!

This sparkly dress is perfect for a night out or to a wedding. Would also look great with the wardribe staple, nude shoe. But could be worn with pastel peach or coral for a pit of extra 'pop'.

This dress is really fun. Great for small waists and good legs...

This I just had to include because I think yes it might be my favourite of the whole trip!!  A gorgeous coral colour. The fit is perfect, so delicate and lovely.  Would look great with flats for a more casual look as well as dressed up with a tan belt and heals for a day at Ascot! For £40... honestly you couldn't do any better!! Lovely!

Well that is it, at last! Phew... thought this was going to go on forever.  Thank you Topshop for designing some gorgeous items for this season!!!  Time to dress up and look gorgeous :-)

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