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TOPSHOP SPRING FAVOURITES - Part 1 - Sunglasses and Bags

After a recent trip to Topshop at Oxford Circus I found so many glorious goodies that I had to dedicate a whole blog for all the gorgeousness I found. So here it is.

My favourite picks are where you see this butterfly.
The tag for each item is always below the picture of the item, so you can order/search for the ones you want to buy in store or online.

Starting with Sunglasses, which there were a lot of!!

SUNGLASSES department at TOPSHOP Oxford Circus, London

I like the way these aviators look on. But they are pretty thin and flimsy. Most shops have styles practically the same but cheaper.  You can get Similar styles at Miss Selfridge for £10 and Matalan for £5.  I actually got some really similar for £2.99 from New Look which you can see here. I wouldn't pay £12 for these.


These I love the tortoise shell look, the gold brows were a bit too much for me. They would look great with darker hair or a tan.  More pricey at £22 but they feel a lot sturdier and should last longer.


These I adore. Gorgeous powder mint colour.  They feel sturdy and the lenses go great with the natural/pastel hues which I am loving this season.

These I also love. Perfect size for a real 'celeb' look. These also feel sturdy.  The tortoise shell frames are stunning and the lenses similar to the pair above. Lush!!


Moving on to bags, which there was also an amazing selection of. Starting with this super cute pink one.  Perfect for a night out or a day in the park. Good size to fit phone, wallet, couple make up items and such. Even a pair of knickers.

Lady Heart bag

This is an absolute favourite. A gorgeous minty green colour, perfect for a laptop. Comes with a shoulder strap.  Love it.

Retro Snake Skin Satchel

This is a super cute design.  Great for everyday when you don't want to carry a huge bag and perfect for a wedding. They come in 4 or 5 different colours.  The mint is my favourite.  There is a thin shoulder strap or carry it as a clutch.  Real leather for £32.. Bargain!

Scallop Mint Cross-Body Bag

Scallop Cream Cross-Body bag

Scallop Purple Suede Cross-Body bag

Looove this bag. So cute!! Cream so will go with most outfits this spring.  Also comes in Fuschia.

Ok, this little beauty had a butterfly stamp because it is perfect in everyway!! The colour is an amazing pastel pink and cream.  There is a cute little pocket on the front, perfect for your iphone or blackberry.. so it wont get lost in your bag and you can reach it easily when it rings.  It has really lovely carry handles or you can carry it over your shoulder with the clever straps tucked in side!!! This is a must and I will be picking one up next time I am in Topshop!!!

Double Handle Chain Bag

This lovely boho number is perfect for that festival  look!! I love the fringing and the padded cross design.  Really cute. A little more pricey at £120.

Cute little pink number.  Good for a dinner date or to the movies. Not my favourite but still lovely and pink!!

Pink Colour Drench Holdall

Love the design of this little bag. Perfect for a night out! Cute peachy nude colour so will go great with light coloured denim.  Has a shoulder strap and it is real leather! This bag comes in quite a few colours. see below. My favourite is nude.

Pinched Leather Clutch Bag Nude

Pinched Leather Clutch Bag Taupe

This is another leather number.  Love the Salmon pink colour.  Good size, similar to the one above.  Also real leather so a bargain at £35.

Leather Punched Cross-Body bag in Coral

Lovely Khaki/safari type bag. Loads of room to fit loads in.  Could be used as an over night bag too. Love the handles and the front pocket. Always a fan of an outer secure pocket for my phone...

 Loving the style and colour of this bag.  Real suede, can fit in lots and an outer pocket!!! A really sturdy and comfortable shoulder strap. Definitely worth every penny of £60.

Suede and Leather Work Bag in Coral

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