Wednesday, 4 April 2012

MUST HAVE - TOPSHOP & similar " Ash Bowie " Wedge Trainers!!

So I was in Topshop again yesterday and I saw a pair of wedges out of the corner of my eye and thought oh my lordy they have Bowie Wedges back in stock!

Topshop Athlete Wedges

Alas, I was wrong. However, these gorgeous little beauties from the Topshop own range do look very similar.  They are also a lot cheaper at £75 and best of all... in stock at the Oxford Circus branch, size uk 7 available online in Tan here!!! Really cute, not as comfy as the bowie wedge but worth £75.

So if you can't wait until the end of April/May to get your hands on the Ash Bowie Wedges why not try any of these babies out in the mean time ;-)

Not such a fan of the Ash Thelma boot but it looks great in black leather.

Ash Thelma High buckle Wedges in black £131 at

These Would look good on the way to the gym in capri pants or such, not so hot for a night out!

Puma Karmin Lace-up Wedge in black £44 at

These Daniel trainers I am also unsure of but I included them because they look comfy and I like the colour, each to their own though.

Daniel Treacle Wedge High Top Trainer £129 at
The Chloé boot looks amazing on with skinny jeans.. yumm! However, as they go over the ankle, on me... not so comfortable!

Spotted on Cheryl Cole while she was filming her new video in LA...  Looking Great Chezza!

Chloé Sneaker Style Wedges £530 at net-a-porter

These are a little lower but not such a fan of the colour.
See by Chloé Sneaker style Ankle Boots £310 at net-a-porter

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