Sunday, 18 March 2012

REVIEW - Garnier Simply Essentials Vitamin-Enriched Toner

I bought this as I was desperate for a new toner, my old one ran out and my skin wasn't feeling so clean after a day of make up wearing. I didn't have time to scour the internet reading reviews.

I try to use products with no alcohol. This also contains no colorants and no perfume so I thought it was worth a try for £3 I wasn't going to loose out if it was bad.

I have to say I am impressed. After using my cleanser I soaked a cotton pad with the toner and wiped it over my face, I was shocked to see how much make up was left sitting on my skin and this product picked it all up. I ended up using 3 or 4 cotton pads. It really is great at taking off all the remaining make up.

My skin feels really clean and clear and quite soft.

I wouldn't say it is the best toner I have used but for £3 it really is amazing value and I would definitely recommend it for anybody who wants to make sure they have removed all their make up.


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