Friday, 24 January 2014


I thought it might be quite nice if I gave you an insight in to the things keeping me going and helping me to avoid the sweet treats, caffeine and bread.

1. Chocolate protein shakes - These are divine. I have one for lunch or breakfast depending on how I feel. If I really fancy a desert or I am craving some cookies after dinner I will treat myself to one of these, or even half will do the trick (1 scoop instead of 2)

2. Frozen Blueberries - These are literally saving my life!! I have at least one box in the freezer at all times. I put them in smoothies/protein shakes and I eat them as they are.  The centre of the berry turns almost in to a sorbet like texture. I snack on these at least once a day.

3. Detox/Herbal Tea - I do not remember the last time I drank so much of this.  The great thing is that you will never run out of flavours as there are so many.  I am loving the Pukka Cleanse & Detox teas which I featured here . Plus you will end up drinking lots of water which is great!

4. Tomato sauces & whole grain Pasta - This is literally a life saver because you can pretty much add anything to the tomato sauces, onions, prawns, peppers, mushrooms. All good stuff and fills you up!

5. Walking the dog - Because I have been getting up earlier I am having more time in the mornings to walk my wee pooch. I grab a beaker of detox tea to keep me warm and go out for some fresh air. I walk about 10 minutes and it really gets me going and wakes me up in the morning.  Plus seeing Poppi running around happy keeps me going :-)

What are your health/detox tips that keep you going?

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  1. Frozen blueberries, great idea sound yummy!

  2. Walking the dog! So easy to get a quick walk in with a little pup by your side!

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  3. I think this is wonderful Ashly, I do the power walks in the winter to keep me in shape until Spring when I can put in the distance too... You are doing great on the detox... that is awesome :)


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