Monday, 6 January 2014

Not the 1st of January Detox | Details

Hi all, a couple of days a go I told you I was going to embark on a little (or not so little) Detox.

And I start TODAY!  To be honest I am actually really excited, who isn't fed up of all the chocolate and massive amount of food we all consume over the Christmas period?

I will list all the details below in case you want to join in or use it in the future.  You will see that I am not doing a hugely strict juice diet or a maple syrup starve, I just think for me those type of things are too extreme and I am not doing this to loose weight.  It is more of a challenge for me and to get in to better habits choosing healthier options and getting fitter.

So here goes... Details below

Avoid: refined carbohydrates, anything white - bread, pasta, rice, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, caffeine

Do: Eat little and often, don't skip breakfast, slow down eating, exercise, rest well, stay motivated.

Example daily meals

 1 chocolate or vanilla Protein shake with added fibre or a shake recipe, herbal tea, piece of fruit

Mid morning:
healthy snack (handful mixed nuts and seeds or berries with natural yoghurt)

soup or salad with lean protein like salmon and whole grains such as brown rice.

Mid afternoon:
healthy snack

a well balanced healthy meal like stir fry with chicken. Healthy desert like fruit or homemade recipe (to come in future posts)

Exercise:  I'm going to pop along to the dance centre tomorrow and sign up for weekly ballet and Zumba classes.

Aims: be in bed by 11pm at night with technology away, read for 30 minutes. Up before 10am and no snooze button!!! I will also be doing 15 minutes of yoga everyday which I do off and on at the moment.

Join in with the hashtag #not1stjandetox

I would love to hear if anyone else is doing a detox or January health plan??

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Please note: I am not a nutritionist or doctor, I am sharing what I will be doing for educational purposes. Please seek your own advice before embarking on any new diet or detox. plan taken from Arbonne 30 days to fit.


  1. Good luck! I definatly do not have the motivation for this! :)

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  2. Good luck with the detox Ashly... I'm sure you'll do great and feel better ♡

  3. Good luck with this hun, it killed me this morning not to hit the snooze button x

  4. Good luck with the detox, that's a good plan you've got.

  5. Could you maybe do posts on weekly eats or something during your detox? I'd love to take part but I'd have no idea where to start :)

  6. Good luck! I am going to start training again for the 10k Race for Life. I did it last year and it kept me motivated for half the year and then I strayed off a little so I'm back on & did a fab kettlebell workout last night - my legs are feeling it today!


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