Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Hello lovelies!
Today I am going to give you a wee update on my Not the 1st of January Detox.
It is day 15 and I can't believe I am only half way, feeling like I have been doing this darned detox forever! It isn't all bad though, I have some good news too :-)

Day 10 - Day 12
Side Effects: Still weeing more than usual. Could be all the herbal tea I am drinking!
Feeling: great!
Body changes: Definitely looking slimmer and my stomach is flatter
Sleep: Still not managing to get to bed early :-(
Cheated? No! I am really enjoying how I am feeling so I don't want to. (still got problems with mobile phone management though!!)

Day 12 - Day 14
Side Effects: None
Feeling: Fantastic! Really energetic and great, can't quite believe the change!
Body changes: Lost a lot of bloating (realised how much bread I was eating before :-o)
Sleep: Feeling so proud of myself been going to bed before midnight and falling asleep within 15 mins!!! Seriously can not remember the last time that happened.
Cheated? Finding that I am happy to leave phone alone before bed because I have got so much more done through the day with my energy levels being a lot better

Day 15
Side Effects: Couldn't sleep last night. Brain was fairly active not 'buzzing' like I usually would be though
Feeling: The amount of energy and excitement I have each day is the best it has been for such a long time. At least a year.  Feeling so much happier that I am getting up earlier and getting more done throughout the day. Finding I don't really want to lounge about on the Sofa in the morning or afternoon.
Body changes: Stomach flatter. Thighs definitely slimmer, more room in jeans.
Cheated? Not with food. Was on phone for 10 mins last night when I got in to bed so maybe that was why I couldn't sleep :-( Or perhaps it was that Ross Kemp documentary that was giving me nightmares!!!

As you can probably see things have really improved for me. I can't quite believe how different I feel after 15 days of no caffeine and sugar.  Don't get me wrong I am missing my Latte's like nobody's business but I am wondering if I will go back to drinking them now or will I find an alternative? The thing is I am loving my regulated energy levels throughout the day. I use to be so up and down feeling like I am superwoman one minute and sleepy Sue the next.

Another bonus is that my skin is looking better, less blemishes and no sore under the surface spots so far so good!!

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I am excited to see what happens over the next 15 days!! Is anyone else on a detox at the moment or have you tried one before, let me know!!?

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  1. Your skin does look radiant, it is not easy to do a cleanse but it feels so great once you succeed :)


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