Sunday, 8 December 2013

Pre Christmas Primark Haul

With a bit of time to spare in town I popped in to Primark.  At this time of year you are lucky to catch a quiet time in there, it can get pretty crazy!  I was in desperate need of some easy to wear autumn/winter jumpers so I decided to take the risk...

and it was well worth it, I picked up some fabulous bargains. I mean who can say no to a jumper for £5?

Click play on the video to see everything I got :-)

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  1. confessionsofabeautylover8 December 2013 at 11:11

    Christmas socks are so cuteeeee! x

  2. I can imagine how busy that Primark must be around Christmas, it's busy enough the rest of the year! I love the jumper you got :)

    Alice | | xxx

  3. Ah I am loving those socks x

  4. so busy and messy a lot of the time so if you catch it quiet you are lucky ! :-)


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