Thursday, 19 December 2013

REVEAL!! Gradient Glitter Christmas nails!!

Hi lovelies, it's less than 1 week till Xmas! I still haven't done all my Christmas shopping but I am planning on blitzing it all tomorrow morning :-) How are you all getting on? I bet your more organised than me?

Now I love a bit of glitter as much as the next gal and one thing I love at Christmas is that you can go all out over the top blinging and sparkling like a fairy on redbull.  So it was finally time for my Christmas manicure eeep!! So off I went to the nail salon to get myself all blinged out and after some serious deliberation on colours and patterns, I came back with these beauties!!

I absolutely love them.  They were £35 including infills at Polish Nail and Beauty Aberdeen.   The girls are absolutely lovely.  Especially Amy who has done my nails twice now and she is an absolute gem, always making sure I am happy with them asking "do you need more glitter" to which I reply yes!

So what do you think lovelies is there an improvement?! :-)

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