Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013 thank you for the memories

Wow what a year it has been.  The toughest of my life bar none!  This time last year I was so unhappy and in an awful place.  I actually feel sick when I think about it so I'm going to choose to focus on how far I've come, the friends I've made, the new Adventures I've started. And the fact that I've made it this far. :-)

The bad times have been and gone and now the sun is shining again.  Slowly but surely it came out from behind the clouds.  Helped by all the treasured times with family and new friends.  Here are just some of those amazing memories.

Spending fun time with family. Me and my sis at a car boot sale, we met so many 'interesting' people. She bought a china tea set for £5, I nearly sold a real gold necklace for £1 oops!

Getting to watch my nephew grow.  I lived with him for 9 months and it was the best time. Even the 6am wake up calls with him knocking on my door shouting 'Ashhh'. I loved every minute.  He is the light of my life (ahh feeling so emosh)

Making new friends. This is the beautiful Laura from liparazziblog.com although we've known each other less than a year I feel like we've been friends all my life. She is such a lovely lass and now by BFF :-)

When I moved back to Aberdeen I really didn't know what I was going to do with myself.  When I was presented with an opportunity to have my own skincare business, Although it wasn't something originally I saw myself doing I thought I'm going to go for it and jumped in. I've met so many fantastic, inspirational, successful and strong women who I get to work with and honestly I couldn't be happier. I'm so proud of myself for putting my fear aside and just going for it and I'm so excited to see how far it takes me in 2014!

Me training a room full of people. Many who had been in the business months and months longer than me. Wow I wouldn't have believed I could do this at the beginning of the year.

And lastly and very importantly, I am so grateful to my mum for being such an amazing women and support without her I don't know where I would be.  She is so special and I can't wait to repay her for everything she has done for me (love you mum) soppy I know :-)

A huge thanks to all of you for following, reading and commenting on my posts.  I never thought when I started my blog if have one follower let alone all the rest. I love sharing with you all and hearing your thoughts and ideas.  Thank you all

I wish everyone a fantastic New Yeae and I can not wait to start 2014.  There is so much to look forward to.

Lots of love xxxx

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  1. Happy New Year Ashly, I hope many of your dreams happen for you :)

  2. thank you!! right back at you lovely xxx

  3. Congratulations and Happy New Year! It's really lovely to see adventures and how far things change :) Glad things are working out nicely and may 2014 bring you even better adventures and memories :)

    Lottie x


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