Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The LDNBloggersParty and What I Wore!!

I was lucky enough to grab one of the last places at the London Bloggers Party (it was guest list only) so if your name wasn't down you wasn't getting in.  I was really looking forward to meeting as many bloggers as I could, especially the ones that I have been talking to for months on twitter!!!

It was held on Saturday the 29th June at Dirty Martini in Hanover Square, London at 1.30pm. I will apologise now for my lack of photos but I was having such a great time saying hello and chatting that I didn't take my phone out hardly at all.

There were so many bloggers there I didn't know where to begin.  Gradually I began to recognise some faces in the crowd! I bumped in to Kat from Talesofapaleface with her fab new hairdo and I recognised Sophia from TattoedteaLady who was lovely.

It was just an all round fab party. I want to say a huge thanks to Scarlett London for organising such a great meet up. And hello to all the other fantastic bloggers I met including:

I am really excited to dive in to the goody bag because it looks so jam packed! But, I am going to do a video of this over the next few days so keep yer eyes peeled!!!

What I Wore

T-shirt - Zoe Karssen
Jeans - Current Elliott
Bag - Chanel
Wedge trainers - Primark

What do you think of what I wore?
Have you attended a bloggers event before?

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  1. You look so lovely! I am gutted I could not make it, typical that I was in London the weekend before :( Sounds like you had a lovely time! xx

    1. it was really good, so many people there. I am sure there will be another one soon!! We should organise a huge one in Scotland x

  2. You looked so lovely! Wish I'd had a chance to chat to you properly xx

    1. ahh thanks lovie! so did you!! next time for sure xx

  3. Was so lovely to meet you, even if it was briefly. You looked beautiful too lovely!


  4. Ahh thanks lovely! so did you! next time for sure!!

  5. it was really good, so many people there. I am sure there will be another one soon!! We should organise a huge one in Scotland x

  6. You look so lovey dressed so casually... very pretty Ashly :)

  7. Glad it was a good 'do'. As always, you look effortlessly lovely. One day i hope my blog is big enough that i get invited to meet other bloggers.

    Jules @Flabbyface


  8. Thank you!! I love a casual look xxx

  9. Hi lovie. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one. There were a lot of newbie bloggers there so I am sure you could have come!!! Hopefully I will get to meet you soon x

  10. Such a simple but nice looking outfit, and topped with some beautifully done makeup. :)

    Olivia xxx

  11. Ah thanks so much Olivia!!! xx

  12. Lauren Maria Kerr3 July 2013 at 23:01

    Jealous, wish I could make more of the meet ups. Love your karssen tee!

  13. Thanks Lauren. It's one of my faves!! You could always organise a meet up in your area?!


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