Wednesday, 24 July 2013

HAUL POST | Bargain Shopping Haul!!!

Hi-diddley-ho there!

So off I went to Poundworld, land or whatever it is called and thought I would see what make up they had. Well I was very surprised. First of all I found this amazing Sally Hansen neon pink nail varnish (Hard as Nails Extreme Wear 310) and I was DELIGHTED because I had been looking everywhere for a proper neon pink and couldn't find one. Then I happened across the Revlon bright pink (Sweet Tart 185) and was again, delighted! Revlon nail varnish for £1? Yes please.

I had to have a really good rummage through at the hanging makeup because they put it all in the small plastic bags, which you can see above in the second pic. So there I was taking them all of... I am sure the store assistants were delighted watching me. Ha ha oh well, I had to find the best items didn't I?

Next I found this beautiful Revlon colourstay polish (040 Provence) in what I would describe as a beautiful Jimmy Choo purple grey. If you have seen the Choo dustbags or shoe boxes you will knoww what I mean. I actually want my walls this colour, I digress....

I also spotted some Sleek lipsticks. Now I have never owned one but I hear good things so for £1 you can't go wrong. I found this beautiful pink with a hint of gold (Satin 813). Gorgeoso!

And last but not least what do I find? nail art pens.. yes and for £1. They had white and pink too but I felt I would only use the black. To be honest there is not much difference between this one and the Models Own one which costs £6. So this my friends is an absolute bargain.

Then off I popped to TK Maxx, which I love by the way. See my tips on shopping in bargain stores here. I crept up to the home department and tested out some arm chairs.. well you've got to see if they are comfy or not don't you! When I spotted these amazing vanity jars. Real glass, proper and amazing. Such fantastic quality. And totally perfect for my new dressing table (when I finally get it). So I HAD to get them. The jars with lids were  £7.99 each and without lids were £5.99 each. Honestly I am delighted. These are totally perfect to store my makeup brushes and hair clips or cotton balls in.  Yay for me.

And there you have it my beauties. Another day another bargalicious shopping trip.

What do you think? Have you bought any juicy bargains recently?

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  1. I love finding bargains... it's been awhile since I have actually gone shopping but when I do go... I usually go for the day so I can take my time ;-)

  2. Lauren Maria Kerr24 July 2013 at 16:03

    what a bargainous day you had, great haul!




  3. I love finding good bargains, especially in poundland/world! xx

  4. I love looking in pound shops for bargains, these are amazing products!

    PS Blogger, Beauty Addict!

  5. Me too! I don't like shopping in a hurry x

  6. Yes it was very bargainous lol!!! thanks lovely x

  7. I know it gives me great joy x

  8. Great finds! I especially love the TK Maxx jars, it can be so hard to find pretty and practical containers these days.

    Donna xx

  9. thanks Donna! I think I will need to buy some more though to fit everything in :-)

  10. I can't believe there was a sleek product in pound land. which poundland was it because i live in aberdeen and definetly need that lipstick in my life?

  11. Hi lovely. It was the one next to TK Maxx in the retail park at Kitty Brewster!


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