Saturday, 29 June 2013

My 5 favourite things...

Hi-diddle-ho there
I wanted to do a little post to help you get to know me a little better. Hopefully. Maybe. Yup. So what better way to do that than tell you my 5 favourite things, here goes..

1. Poppi the Chihuhua
number one has to be without doubt my chi chi. She has been a constant companion to me for 7 years now. Being there at my side through thick and thin. No matter what she is loyal. To see that little tail wagging when I get home makes me so happy. I love her more everyday.

2. My nephew (family)
Even though this little pumpkin has only been in the world for 14 months he has brought so much happiness and joy to my life that I never knew was possible. I was so chuffed when "Aaaaaash" was his 3rd word, which he said about 100 times a day. When I am feeling down just knowing he is my nephew reminds me of everything that is good in my life.  I love love loooveee him so much.

3. Cupcakes
I am gonna admit it. I love cake. I said it cake, cake, cake I just love it. And there is absolutely nothing like a beautiful colourful tasty sweet cupcake to brighten my mood. I can't think of any situation that a cupcake wont make better.... go on, try it. I know you want to!

4. Friends the tv show
Honestly, I could watch this show all day, and you know what? sometimes I do. There is something so light and easy about it, never creating an uneasy feeling or any discontentment. It really does make me feel so happy. Could this show BE any better? (probably not).

5. The interweb
Where oh where would we be without the interweb? Well I certainly would be a less knowledgeable human being. Whenever in doubt google is always my clever friend answering such questions as 'What time is it in Korea' and 'How many grams are in a cup'.  And if it wasn't for the www I wouldn't have my little blog, which I love so very much. Thank you Mr Internet inventor you have brightened my world.

I would love to hear all about your favourite things. Comment below x

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  1. It's nice to get to know you a little better Ashly... your doggie is so sweet, your nephew is absolutely precious (children can brighten your day).

    I LOVE Friends... one of the best shows ever made!!!! I'm sooo grateful for the internet too

    I'm by passing cupcakes or any cakes for awhile. . I'm working on eating healthy but they are yummy;-)

    1. thank you lovely :-) you are doing well to by pass the cupcakes!!

  2. Awwww, your nephew is adorable! (And poppy too, but that goes without saying!) - I just did a post about loves today too x

    1. ahhh thank you!! He is a proper charmer! Will take a look at your blog x

  3. I'm the same with my boy, it's so lovely coming home to a wee waggy tail!


    1. I know nothing better!!! Sooo lovely x

  4. Ahhh I miss watching Friends! It never gets old and it's such a classic. Your nephew and chihuahua are so adorable!

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  5. thank you :-) I know, it never gets old.. how is this?! lol

  6. Ray will be delighted he is no 2 and gets a feature on your Blog this week. I think he shares your love of 'Caakkkkkke'x

    1. He could have a feature every week... maybe like a cake review! lol x


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