Sunday, 23 June 2013

My Absolute favourite Bakery in London!

Paul Rodes Bakery in Greenwich is my absolute favourite place. I use to live just round the corner and go everyday. Then when I moved my visits became a lot less frequent which was incredible sad because it is amazing.

The cakes and pastries are seriously yummy. I recommend their chocolate brownies which sell for £1.80 each and sell out quickly. They are yum-diddle-umptious. One of the best things about Rhodes is the coffee. Hands down the best coffee in London I have ever tasted. Not too milky, not too strong and definitely not burnt like some other places. Just right. (a bit like the last bowl of porridge goldilocks' tries).

Greenwich is a fab place to visit if you are a Londoner or  a tourist. Lots to see and do so if you do go make sure you pop by Paul Rhodes and don't forget to tell them you found them via my blog :-)

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  1. This is a fabolous place, nice pictures xx

  2. Nice, I love bakeries with all their delicious smells :).

  3. OH YES!! Maybe they will send some cakes up here when they see your post x

  4. Oh my god why did I not see this post before I was in London last weekend! :( Always next time xx

  5. ha ha!!! always a next time!! xx


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