Monday, 3 June 2013

Fashion Inspiration | Dress like the stars of Nashville the TV Show

I don't know about you but I am totally obsessed with the new ABC show Nashville. It ticks all the boxes, love trangles, good soundtrack, great acting, amazing story lines and believe it or not fab fashion. I have spotted some gorgeous items on the show and I wanted to share them with you all in case you are as obsessed with the show as I am.

Scarlett O'Connor Nashville Fashion

Scarlett has a really soft and feminine country girl style. Nearly every episode she can be seen wearing some sort of floral or embroidered jumper. I really love her style, and her hair omg!

Wildfox Prairie Rose Lennon Sweater | £218

Free People Menagerie Embroidered Sweater | £119

Juliette Barnes Nashville Fashion

Juliette definitely has more of a dress sense with a bit of sparkle and some attitude. Her style is young, contemporary, sexy and sassy. I like her casual outfits of blazers, cute sparkly jumpers, jeans and leather jackets.

Muubaa Monteria Biker Jacket | £349
Mandalay Red Sequin Lace Dress | $425.23

Reyna James

Reyna's style I find to be quite casual chic most of the time. Lots of jeans, shirts and some dresses.  On stage she still pulls out the old razzle dazzle and sparkle. 

Muubaa Isabella Shearling Coat | £629

L'agence gold 2 pocket blouse | £280 

That's it for now beauties.

What do you think of the outfits? Do you like Nashville as much as I do?

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  1. The outfits are cute Ashly... I have never watched this show... mainly because I don't pick up new shows as I watch too many as it is:)

    1. ha ha well thats reason enough :-) The fashion is pretty good though x

  2. i love the show. Its my fave ever. lovely post too, love the red dress x

  3. You're definitely a whizz at spotting these little beauties and identifying their brand etc. You should have been a detective! You'd have sniffed out all those crims x

    1. Ha ha I consider it as a gift! A fashion detective! x

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