Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Three Questions With... Cara from Maskara Blog

Well Hi diddle ho there neighbours of the interwebs. I am super excited to bring you a little interview with one of my favourite bloggers, the gorgeous Cara from Maskara.

She is ammmazing, I love her blog more than dark chocolate digestives, and that's a lot!

I discovered her blog while on pinterest a couple of months ago and I have been addicted ever since. Her makeup and hair tutorials are so easy to do yourself and her blog layout is super girly and fun.

Cara is a beauty blogger from the USA . I love her for her posts like The Science of Brushes which taught me so much about make up brushes, her makeover Monday's which she does so well. Transforming ladies from very natural to wowzee what a beauty. I would love for her to do a makeover on me but sadly it is a little far to travel, maybe one day. And her posts on highlighting and contouring (She calls it Hac-ing) are more than useful.

She recently won the amazing Allure magazine Beauty blogger of the year award which is a huge accomplishment so well done Cara!

Not only is she absolutely stunning but she is really sweet, down to earth and relatable.  She inspires me to not only be a better blogger but, to be ok with being me.

She gives the best advice so I sent her an email with 3 questions and she so kindly answered them for us...

1. If you could give only 1 makeup tip what would it be?

Cara: Highlight and contour. It's the most amazing makeup trick I've ever used. With the use of a few well placed light and dark shades you can spotlight all if your best features and look like you're glowing!

2. If you didn't have a beauty blog what kind of blog would you have?

Cara: I would probably have a mommy blog. My life is pretty boring though, so I don't know if anyone would read it but I think it's such a fun way to make a history of your best memories.

3. What would be your best advice for any aspiring beauty bloggers?

Cara: Don't compare yourself to other bloggers. When I first started out I had actually never seen a beauty or even fashion blog. I think that was really good for me in a way because it gave me a chance to be creative and to make my blog the way I wanted without the outside influence of how other people were doing it. Now I love looking at beauty blogs for inspiration but I still stay away from comparisons. At the end of the day what's going to work best for you is being you. I know that's cliche but it's really important!

I really can not praise her enough. So make sure you pop over to Cara's blog or visit any of her
 links below I promise you will not be disappointed!

Let me know if you love her as much as me :-)

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    1. I totally agree... an absolute beauty!

  2. Amazing post!!! :) I will check Maskara blog in minute, but in the meantime I will spent some time here :) I found your blog randomly and I am happy I did!! :)
    Amazing blog Ashly:)

    Lots of love Martha x x

    ♥ ♥ '' Think Pink | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog " ♥ ♥

    1. Thanks Martha.. you are welcome here anytime lovely xxx

  3. True! My housemate is a makeup artist and has shown me that contouring changes everything!!! x

  4. oooo and yes I do like her blog too! So does my housemate whose just about to open a beauty bar! :) x

    1. eeh that sounds exciting!

      p.s. welcome to the blog :-) xx


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