Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Latest Buys - Thigh High boots, make up, clothes!!

I wanted to tell you all what I have been buying recently.  I am trying to not buy anything else this month as I am saving for a new car but I have treated myself to a few new things... :-)

Make up

I was looking for a lovely deep plum or purple lipstick and spent some time in boots trying out lots. My hand was literally covered by the time I had finished. In the end I found the perfect shade by L'oreal.  It has a slight sparkle - perfect for this time of year!

I was so sick of wearing the same shades of eyeshadow and was desperate to get some new winter textures and colours. I have always loved Bourjois eyeshadow since I first started buying make up and they just happen to have a whole host of gorgeous colours. I decided on 6 and I love them!

Only 5 here as I missed one out!

I love the glitter in the purple. It is still a deep colour, unlike a lot of glittery eyeshadows, and the glitter is quite subtle.  The green is amazing, I wear it as liner and it stays put all day. Such a beautiful shade.

They are also fab because they have a mirror in the lid so perfect for quick touch ups!

And they are buy 1 get 2nd half price in Superdrug!

Clothes and Shoes

I have been looking for a flat pair of over the knee boots. I think they look fab with coated jeans, really flattering.

But I came across these absolutely amazing Camilla Skovguard boots and fell in love with them. They are not flat but wedges so they are still quite casual.

I think the shade is also quite casual yet classic. The suede is just divine.

I simply adore them and they are quite comfortable.

I was also desperate for some new jumpers. I always think I have loads so I don't tend to buy them when I see them but I actually didn't have many that I could comfortably wear under leather jackets.

So I picked up these beauties...

Deep Green Polo Neck, Crimson asymmetric zip back jumper, burgundy v-neck
I love the colours. Lovely deep shades. Much like the eyeshadows actually... I am seeing a theme here which is good, at least I will match.  I got them in larger sizes (12-14) as I like them to be quite over sized.  Wearing them with skinny jeans looks fab!

Current Elliott Combat | Mother Black Glimmer | J Brand Maverick Wine

I also got some new trousers to add to my winter wardrobe. Of course I had to get a pair of the coated glimmer jeans by Mother. I have had my eye on these for a few months and am delighted to finally have them.  These give quite a lot so I got them in a smaller size than usual and they have stretched quite a bit already.

Another pair of trousers I have picked up this month are the delightful Maverick's in vintage wine by J Brand. These jeans are huge with celebs and I can see why, they are lovely. Again the colour is a deep rich winter tone which I adore. I like the fit of the Maverick and think they are really flattering. They are quite short in length for me but I wear boots over the top so you can't tell and they are soooo comfortable.

I also got the Current Elliot Combat trousers which are super comfortable and a nice length. They come up really big so I got a size 24. I have worn them twice and they haven't given much and really kept their tight stretch. They look great with little leopard print ballet flats and a cream knitted jumper. So cosy and autumnal!!

For next month I have my eye on some new fur, a Simeon Farrar Tartan Shawl and some more coated jeans.


  1. This is so funny - check out my latest post - great blogging minds think alike? :-) x


  2. Oh yes love the Borjois Eyeshado!! :-) Let me know if you find anymore beauties xx

  3. Oh my gosh I need those boots in my life! So jealous haha xx

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