Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Thinking of giving up on your dream?

The other day I randomly started chatting to a younger girl (18ish).  She told me about her hopes to be a fashion designer.  She spoke about the brands she loved, the colours, fabrics, her passion shone through immensly, practically bursting out of her veins.  It was so refreshing.  However, she then went on to tell me sadly all the reasons she wouldn't ever 'make it'.  "It is so competitive", "I live all the way up in Scotland, it all happens down south", "I don't have all the money to invest", "there is always somebody better".  As I sat and listened, I began to realise all these reasons were not actually her own, they had come from others.  And in fact were making her quite sad.

We spoke for about an hour.  I told her about my own experiences in fashion, in the end she promised to never give up and follow her dreams.  I gave her my email address and said "email me when you've made it".

This conversation resonated so much with my own experiences.  It is funny how the most random of meetings between people can mean so much.

I wondered how many of us give up on our dreams because of the thinking of others?  So many times people told me I couldn't.  You can't make it as a model, you can't live in London, you can't be successful on your own...  instead of taking on these thoughts as my own, I used it as amunition to prove them wrong.

You see I belive we all have that small flame inside,  call it passion, your dreams. What ever it is,  it's there for a reason.

Ever since I was small I've had a passion for entrepreneurship, it fascinated me. I would make peppermint icing animals, selling them outside my house. I set up stalls in my lane selling old toys, persuaded my mum to take me to car boot sales. I would often save my lunch money up so that I could buy something I really wanted. 

This passion branched in to the fashion industry and building my own business' through trial an error, mostly error.  When modelling I would question the photographers, the stylists, the owners of the brands... how did their business' work, how did they start? I wanted to be around successful people.  I watched my dad build his own businesses and saw his hard work and dedication.  Whenever I found something I loved there was no stopping me.

You see I think part of the problem, when it comes to SUCCESS, is that we might look at somebody successful like Richard Branson or Steve Jobs and see their huge successes, essentially their results. What we don't see is the journey they took to get there. The ups and downs, the determination, set backs, knock backs and many many failures.  Because when Richard Branson created Virgin, it didn't happen over night.  It took time.

So what I want to share with you are these amazing quotes and 'success principles' shall we call them that inspire me everyday to NEVER GIVE UP ON MY DREAMS!!!!

So never ever ever give up on your dreams!!!  They are there for a reason, and so are you :-)

Lots of love Ashly xxx

Friday, 11 July 2014

Luxury Shopping Event Aberdeen Chester Hotel

I was kindly invited to attend a ladies luxury shopping evening at the new and fabulous Chester hotel in Aberdeen. Oh I couldn't possibly... Oh ok go on then ;-)

The event was being held by Multrees walk in Edinburgh, bringing their exclusive stores to the ladies of Aberdeen. Oh what a fabulous idea!

There were manicures by Nails inc, jewellery by Links of London. Who, by the way, gave us a FREE bracelet with an engraving of our choice, how nice is that? I chose 'Beautiful' because I think it is important to remind ourselves we are beautiful inside and out.  My cousin chose to have a special date engraved, which I think is a lovely idea :-)  There were also chocolates from the chocolatier to the queen and then there was Harvey Nichols.

Harvey Nic's brought a selection of shoes, garments and bags that you could actually buy on the evening.  Christian Louboutin shoes or Victoria Beckham dresses anyone? I sort of fell in love with a beautiful deep green Celine bag.

Mulberry were there too with the brand new and exclusive Cara Delevingne collection of beautiful bags and clutches.

I believe they will be holding more events like this in the future so ladies of Aberdeen keep your eyes peeled! It is an evening you don't want to miss.

Love Ashly xxx

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I can't wear that... My man doesn't like it

Over the past few weeks I have started to notice something which I want to discuss.  Over and over again I am hearing things like, oh I need to check with my husband first, my boyfriend doesn't like me in skinny jeans, I can't go there my husband wouldn't like it, I can't do that my husband says it is a bad idea and he says I don't have enough time, my boyfriend says I shouldn't wear pink lipstick.


Maybe this isn't anything new, it is just that I have started to notice it.  Of course when you are in a relationship you share and discuss big decisions, taking each others feelings in to consideration.  But in this instance I am referring to smaller/non life changing things... Do you really need approval over a pair of shoes?

It has left me wondering... are some of us women so concerned about pleasing our other halves that we are ok with loosing our own identities and opinions?

Maybe it is a lack of confidence? Is it that some don't trust our own choices and judgements? For me what I wear is my own decision, sure I would take advice now and again but I would never not buy something because a significant other told me not to... In fact I wouldn't even be with somebody who told me not to do something.

When I hear ladies say such things it makes me uneasy.  Perhaps because I have been in that situation, where I allowed another's opinions to overcome my own... that is somewhere I will never EVER go again.  Because guess what? It didn't make me happy, it might have made the other person happy but why would you want to be with somebody who is happy drowning you out? 

I wish somebody had said to me, Ashly get some balls (excuse the pun)... What the F are you doing?  I suppose I was young (well that's my excuse).

Because if something makes YOU happy that person should support you. Isn't that what relationships are about?  Support and encouraging each other to grow?

So here is me saying to anybody who needs it... Get some balls! Make your own choices, live a little and no matter what,  don't quieten your own inner voice!! It is there for a reason, so use it ;-) (that goes for men as well as women)

I will leave you with words from the amazing late great Nora Ephron...

I would love to hear your thoughts on this? Does this resonate with you or sound like somebody you know?

Lots of love  Ash xxxx

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet Pink and White

On the way back from California, I treated myself to this gorgeous Michael Kors Jet Set pink and white wallet. I loved the colours and the little wristlet.  Plus it was at duty free so I got the discount!

What do you think?