Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Birthday Celebrations | MAd HAtTeR TeA Party & More

I literally had the best birthday this year. Not only did I have an amazing mad hatter tea party but it was a huge celebration because I've come so far in the past year, I am around my friends and family and have so much to celebrate.

Birthday Lunch and Dinner 

On my actual birthday my dear friend and business partner Margaret took me for lunch to Banchory lodge. The lodge sits on the river dee and is a beautiful setting. It was very peaceful and relaxing.

I also went for dinner to pizza express with my sister, mum and nephew in the evening. It was really lovely to get to spend this precious day with them. The last time I spent a birthday in Aberdeen was my 21st! Every other year I've been in London, Los Angeles or somewhere else random but not with my family and friends.  It meant so much to me to be here.

MaD HaTTerS tEa pArtY
I don't know What made me choose the theme of Alice in wonderland, it just came to me and I went with it. Everyone made a HUGE effort with their costumes and I was over the moon. The prize for best dressed went to my cousin who looked amazing in her home made Queen of Hearts costume.

We had a huge table filled with yummy treats like spinach and feta pie, pizza, honey and mustard sausages, sweet potato brownies (recipe coming soon) and a huge cake which literally took my sister and I 2 days to make!

I am am avid fan of the cake boss and thought I'd make my own topsy tuvfy cake. We'll let me tell you this is not as easy as it looks. Bloody Nora! It took me an hour to roll 1 bit of icing and even then it wasn't big enough. We ploughed through on the end and although it wasn't perfect I think we pulled it together, just!

After everyone left around 10pm it was just me, mum, dad and my sisters fiancée left so all that was left to do was blare out some old school tunes like Willie Nelson Graceland, Bruce Springsteen Atlantic City and rock out in the kitchen... It was ace! If only they'd let me share the videos (picture my dad dressed as a mad hatter using a broom as a guitar and my sister wearing her slightly slutty queen of hearts costume doing some rather questionable dance moves) I really had the best time :-)

A HUGE thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who helped celebrate my birthday with me. It meant the world to me and this decade is going to be the best yet!!!

Watch this space xxxxx


  1. Happy Birthday a little late... it sounds like you had a really lovely time... the best days are the one's you spend with family and friends :) <3

  2. I LOVE this post but I so glad you did not share that little video. You can save that for another time :)

  3. thanks Launna and you are so right!! xxxx

  4. This is amazing!! I'll totally forgive you for not inviting me, but only just.


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