Thursday, 20 December 2012

Got the Christmas blues? A little bit of honesty x

I have to say Christmas this year for me, feels like a double edged sword. On one side there is festivity and family cheer, on the other is the fact that it is the first Christmas for me, since I can remember, being single.

Wrapping presents :-)

Don't get me wrong. I love being single, I am not looking for a relationship and I don't have the desire to jump in to bed with the first hottie I meet. Well... That's another story.

It's just all the memories of years gone by. All the driving in the snow together, the cuddling up on the sofa watching tv next to the fire, which for the record I was awful at lighting!

I hope this person knows that no matter what I deeply wish for them to be happy and at peace.

This pressie is a little tricky to wrap!

Sometimes things just don't work out and in my case this time last year was a very difficult time. I have come a long way this year and I am very proud of myself.

I am sure there will be many moments of happiness and joy this Christmas but I fully accept that there will also be moments of sadness and pain. It is a scary thought but I know when all is said and done... it will be ok.

So if anybody out there is suffering or in pain, or feels by themselves at this time of year. I wish you well and please know that you are not alone...

Love and happiness

Ashly xxx

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