Sunday, 23 December 2012

Shhh it's a secret... My skin Care routine!

With all this cold and windy weather your skin may need a little bit more love than it usually does.  With this in mind I thought now would be a good time to share my skin care routine :-)

The first thing you need to know about My skin care routine is that is differs from season to season. I am paying far more attention to my skin at the moment as it needs the tlc. I find that the central heating (along with the weather) can make it quite dry and unhappy.

Here we go...

The products

This is my absolute favourite cleanser. It is super gentle on my skin, removes make up well, smells divine and lasts for absolutely ages. I only need to buy one every 4-6 months and I use it all the time. You only need a very small amount. Absolutely fabulous.

Application: I wet my face first then apply a small amount to my fingers and rub in gently in circular motions for a minute or so. I then use a cold wet face cloth to wipe off. If I have on a lot of makeup I will repeat this step to make sure it is all removed.

I find this works very well. Contains no alcohol or perfume and removes any left over make up fabulously.

Application: i apply to a cotton pad and wipe over my face, I wash my face after using as I dont like to leave the residue on.

3. Aveda Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist | £17

This stuff smells lovely and leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and soft.

Application: I spray my face with 3-4 squirts, wait 1 minute then I pat any residue off with a tissue.

4. Aveda Touramaline Charged Hydrating Creme | £34

This cream is perfect for the winter. It is very thick and luxurious. Really hydrates your skin.

Application: I apply generously rubbing in circular motions making sure my whole face is covered.

These are other products which I use once or twice a week.

5. Aveda Touramaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser | £21

This is great for when your skin is dry to get it all smooth again by getting rid of any loose or dry skin. I would say it is too harsh for me to use everyday as my skin feels quite tight afterwards which I don't like too much. So couple times a week is all you need with this one.

Application: This is a good one to use in the bath or shower. I wet my face first then apply a very small amount to my fingers which I then rub around my face very gently in small circular motions. Then wash off with a soft face cloth or simply with water.

6. Orba Originals Goat's Milk Night Cream | £12.99

I use this if my skin is feeling really sensitive or I am having a no make up day. This is really light and absorbs straight away. I love this and have been using it for a few years now. It is also fab for dry hands. Application is easy with this one. Simply apply a small amount to your face, you don't need much.

7. L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream | £6.40

I first bought this in LA about 5 years ago and I adore it. A perfect size to slip in to your hand bag. It really works on dry hands and leaves them soft for days.

8. Aquaphor Healing Ointment | Boots £6 approx

This is an amazing lip balm. You can't beat it to get those chops looking and feeling super smooth and silky. It is also good for really dry skin on hands. I use to order it online from the USA but you can now get it in larger Boots stores.

The Routine


Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Aveda Toning Mist
Aveda Hydrating Creme
Apply make up


Clarins Gentle Eye Make up Remover
Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Garnier Simply Essentials Toner
Aveda Hydrating Creme

I hope you enjoyed reading about my skin care routine. I will update it in time when it changes.

Love and Christmas Wishes, Ashly xxx

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