Monday, 6 October 2014

#LushChristmas Launch event

As most of you know I strive to only use cruelty free and pure brands for my skincare and personal care products. So when Lush invited me to review their Christmas range of course I said yes.

Lush is not a brand I currently use but I contantly see reviews and pictures on my twitter feed so thought I had better go along and see what all the fuss was about. 

100% vegetarian, handmade and fighting animal testing.

The girls at Lush Aberdeen were super friendly and kind showing us all the festive bath bombs and soaps.  I love the names they choose for everything like snow angel, yog nog and reindeer rock... very kitch!

I am not a fan of strongly scented anything so some of the products were not to my taste but there are some with subtle fragrances which I really loved like the Lush snow white bath bomb (£3.30).  I had a lot of fun with the Snowman kit too which is a great gift for youngsters, they can mould their own snowman in the bath and then use it to wash their hair.

Will you be purchasing any of the Lush Christmas favourites this season?

Love Ashly


  1. Lovely images and a great report

  2. Love the festive products from lush 😍

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